Monday, July 22, 2024

RAMzine Introduces… Griever

Those of you who have got your sh*t together and know what’s up may have caught Griever on their recent tour with Being As An Ocean and Napoleon. I’m going to be honest, that’s where I was first made aware of them. I had never heard of them before Saturday night; now I cannot stop listening to them. The strength of their live show, the sheer power in their tracks, and their balls-to-the-wall hardcore with in-built stellar guitar work means that this band are certainly a cut above your average hardcore brutalisers. 

The band, comprising of vocalist David Seymour, guitarists Johnny Halpin and Luke Davis (who also takes on clean vocal duties), bassist Ashley King and skin-beater Joey Beach only formed in Devon last year, but have still shared stages with the likes of Crossfaith, Martyr Defiled, Brotherhood of the Lake and Palm Reader. Whether this is down to their brilliant songwriting, their incredible work ethic, their irrepressible heviness or that they’re just top guys is unclear. As well as impressing their peers, Griever have also received over 4,000 hits on YouTube, as well as 100+ downloads on the singles they have put up for downloads on their Facebook page.

Their debut EP is now also up for FREE download on their Facebook – if you like gritty, raw hardcore that you can still shout along to the choruses and punch people in the breakdowns (trust me, you will) then I honestly can’t see why you wouldn’t like this EP. True, the production may not sound like Iron Maiden, but if you ignore that it does sound a little like it was recorded on my dictaphone, and actually get into the songs, then you will find yourself immersed in a seething pit of emotion, technicality, savageness and power. And you will love it.

With new single My Captain, My King set to be released this Spring, and with some new material having been recorded at the start of this year, if Griever are able to capture the success they have already been enjoying, write songs the way they have proved they already can, and perform these new songs with the aplomb they seem so effortlessly to bring to a live situation, then they may see themselves rubbing shoulders with what is becoming a truly incredible group of DIY British hardcore bands.

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