Monday, June 27, 2022

Coheed & Cambria release Ultimate Hardcover Edition of the Amory Wars!


All 12 issues of the critically acclaimed “In Keeping Secrets of Silent Earth: 3″ saga are now collected in one premium hardcover volume! The comics are based on the Coheed & Cambria album of the same name. Claudio Sanchez said ‘Every record plays as a chapter in this overall mythology called the Amory Wars, which I have created.’

‘Coheed and Cambria are actually the main characters of the piece and it’s basically a science fiction fantasy which parallels my life, a lot of the things I go threw are injected into fiction, feelings, some of the characters are based on some of the people I know, some of the events the characters go through are the events I go threw in life, so its kind of like a mirror , only prettier to look at I guess.’ – Claudio Sanchez

We find our reluctant hero, Claudio Kilgannon, broke and destitute, living in a sewer. Can Ambellina convince him of his true fate? Can he rise up and lead the rebellion against evil Supreme Tri-Mage Wilhelm Ryan? Co-written by comics-luminary Peter David with art by Chris Burnham (BATMAN: INCORPORATED) and Aaron Kuder (KEY OF Z), this is essential reading for any sci-fi fan.

‘Without a doubt my songs are inspired by myself, years ago, when we first started Coheed and Cambria It was very hard for me to confess to myself in lyrics, so it was very easy for me to create a fictitious world to hide behind’. – Claudio Sanchez

UK Dates

  • Aug 24 Reading, UK – Reading Festival
  • Aug 25 Leeds, UK – Leeds Festival

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By Victoria Purcell

Victoria Purcell
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