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theFALLEN ‘Bury Your Demons’ Album Review

Review By Jake Newkirk

Being someone that is largely unfamiliar with this band or their body of work, I didn’t quite know what to anticipate. Needless to say, by the end of the album, I found myself enjoying something I didn’t originally set out having high hopes for. In fact, I fully expected to barely make it to the third song. Not just because of my unfair disposition to pre-judge any band that has “the” in the beginning of their name, but because I’m just not too impressed in my ripe old age by most new music made by guys in skinny jeans with black eyeliner, flip haircuts, and pretty pastel tattoos. So, if nothing else, this band has provided hope that you might still be able to be a bad ass if any of the above applies to you.

At first listen, one can’t help but draw comparison to “Avenged Sevenfold” or even “Maylene and the Sons of Disaster”. But it quickly becomes evident that there is more going on here than one stylistic element or band influence. A virgin listener might think they have this band pegged from the first song, but theFALLEN throw you a curveball… and keep ‘em coming.

With this album, there is a favorable balance of heaviness mixed with pop hooks. Not venturing too close to the sugary-sweet pop sound that leaves you with a toothache, but the kind that you can’t resist bobbing your head along to. Laden with moments of anthemic fist pumping, danceable sections for the ladies, and parts where you’ll want to headbang like it’s 1987. Dynamic vocals, soulful riffs, and tasty solos that don’t rely on the overly abused shred tactic. Less is more, and they understand this tried and true Hard Rock approach. Not adopting the current trend to cram a metric ton of notes into 8 measures. And I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the well placed use of symphony strings that doesn’t make me wince for a change.

The only track I was tempted to hit the next button on was “Ghosts”, although vocally it had enough to keep my attention. And just when the album seems to be losing steam, it bows out nicely. A well timed exit.

Let it be said that Bury Your Demons is a fun album. And if given a chance, you’ll be able to find at least a little something here that you can appreciate. But my guess would be you’ll find more than just a little something. In a world where songwriting seems to be a lost art, this is a collection of well assembled songs by individuals that might just be some of the few that “get it”, which enable them to rise above the rabble of carbon copies. This is refreshing in an era saturated with bands that, too often, do one thing…and do it over and over.

“We literally cannot wait to get this album out there” says Johnny, “We always end our live shows by saying ‘theFALLEN are rising’ and that has never been truer than right now”

The first track to come from the album, ‘Dirty Little Dead Girl’, is available as a free download here

Bury Your Demons’ will be released May 1st

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  1. well maybe in future this reviewer won’t judge a band on their appearance (“guys in skinny jeans with black eyeliner, flip haircuts, and pretty pastel tattoos.”)

    and wanting to skip past “ghosts” proves the reviewer really really doesn’t go by lyrical values and the over all meaning of the song, seems to me he thinks he’s too “hard” to like something so beautiful.

    but oh well, apart from that this is an amazing review and I’m so proud of my fave band ^_^

  2. Overall, the review was actually quite favorable for these guys. And at the end of the day, it was just that…an honest and personal review/opinion. How I may have received this band in particular does not indicate my level of “hardness” or ability to find value in dynamic songs.

    One of the most beautiful things about music is that we all have such wide palettes and unique tastes. A band that gets me off may not do anything for the next guy, and that’s a wonderful thing!

    Clearly there’s a special place in your heart for this band and a general sense of “protection” for them..which is awesome. You hold your favorite bands dearly, as we all should. But embrace the diverse tastes and sonic offerings that are available to us, and extend a little bit of grace to those that might not dig your flavor 🙂


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