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Grave Jones’ Brings Rock Back To Pop

Grave Jones and the Heartrage Hotel album mark Lebanese musician Rabih Salloum’s return to the scene following the rousing success of his previous musical project Slutterhouse.

Slutterhouse shared the stage with the likes of the Klaxons, Sleigh Bells, and Super Furry Animals and working with legendary producers Eric Chedeville (Daft Punk, Sebastien Tellier, Charlotte Gainsbourg)and Dimitri Tikovoi (Placebo, Nick Cave, Kill the Young). 

After the band’s success playing festivals across the world like Liverpool Sound City, Dubai Sound City,Stockhold Fashion week, and landing sync details across MTV 2and EA Sportsthe band split with Salloum leaving the music world behind for something like a decade.

A man of the world, aside from the rock world, he’s spent time in academia as a philosopher and writer, worked as a model, and had adventures that have taken him from his native Lebanon through Paris, Stockholm, Milan and beyond. Armed with these experience, Grave Jones is intent on bringimg real rock nback to the pop charts by the catchiest melodies with raw, heavy production on his new single ‘Smithereens’.

In 2020, Salloum discreet released four singles – ‘Crazy Train’, ‘Without A Doubt’, ‘Young Love’ and ‘World Gone Mad’ – and it was thereafter he took on the moniker of Grave Jonesto herald the release of his first album Heartrage Hotel, released in January, and now the single ‘Smithereens’.

‘Smithereens’ is loud and unapologetic. Heavy distorted guitars pave the way for Grave’s gravelled, textured voice that cries with the raw honesty of a singer reminiscing on anger pointed inward and out. Combining the loud guitar riffs that scored Jones’ youth with catchy melodies and contemporary inspired electronic production, that might just attract fans of Foo Fighters, Alice in Chains and Kasabian alike.

Despite the ongoing humanitarian crisis in Lebanon, where Grave Jones once more resides, he decided to proceed with releasing his music as it offers him an escape from everything that is going on.

“Ultimately, if the only moments of sanity I am able to have nowadays are when I put on my headphones, play my favourite songs and disconnect from reality, then there must be a higher purpose to music. It should never be overlooked,” declared Jones.

You can also check out Grave Jones onSoundcloud and at Spotify  and the video for ‘Smithereens’ right here at RAMzine.

Paul H Birch
Paul H Birch
RAMzine Senior Writer - Writer of fiction, faction and fact, has edited several newsstand magazines. He declares himself a hack for hire but refuses to compromise on the subject of music.

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