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Gus G’s Exosphere

Greek guitarist Gus G, who’s played with Ozzy Osborne, alongside playing in band such as Firewind and Arch Enemy, continues to develop his own solo career, releasing a new single and accompanying video, ‘Exosphere‘, that’s out now on AFM Records.

His partners in crime are, once more Dennis Ward on bass guitar, who also handled mixing and mastering, alongside new drummer Vincent Velazco, ‘Exosphere‘ was written during the pandemic and is part of several songs to be released in the near future – it’s also the first time G has featured a seven-string guitar on an official recording.

“When the pandemic hit in early 2020, all world touring plans for Firewind were cancelled,” said the guitarist. “I found myself stuck at home for a whole year and not knowing what the future will bring. I slowly started putting down new riffs and ideas on my computer and before I knew it, I already gathered enough material for a new album.

“With a new reality in front of me, I started developing the new solo project and this time I decided to let my guitar be the voice, instead of having a singer or special guests. This led me to creating a bunch of new instrumental songs.

“‘Exosphere’ was one of the first ideas I put together. I went through many different versions and arrangements before I settled for the final one. The last addition to the song was incorporating some lower registered riffs, after I got my hands on a seven-string guitar for the first time last summer.

“The goal was to add some new elements to my music while maintaining my sound and style that I’ve been known for. I’m really happy with the end results and I hope you enjoy the new music. Stay tuned for more to come in the near future!”

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Paul H Birch
Paul H Birch
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