Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Haggard Cat are back with new single ‘QUIT YOUR JOBS!’

Haggard Cat are back with new single ‘Quit Your Jobs’ taken from the forthcoming EP, Cheer Up, which is available to pre-order now on ultra-limited-edition yellow 10″ vinyl and CD from http://www.haggardcat.com.

The track opens with the lyrics “Quit your jobs and fake your death” words that were uttered to the band by their former record label. Guitarist/Vocalist Matt Reynolds says: “We wrote the lyrics about an actual series of bad advice that we received from our old record label. We were in a meeting with them, and they literally were sat there straight-faced refusing to work on a marketing plan with us, insisting our next move was to “quit your jobs”. They just kept repeating it, it was eery. Advice that also followed these pearls of wisdom was “fake your death” – I know this sounds made up but it’s 100% true”.

The dizzying video is perfect for the punk rock aggression of the band’s new track. Reynolds says “’Quit Your Jobs’ was the first track that really jumped out and grabbed us, we knew instantly that it had to be the first thing people heard from this new body of work, it was just so aggressive and felt so much more immediate than what had come before; it felt like a mission statement for where we were going next”.

New album “Cheer Up is about us taking action and doing something about it,” says Reynolds. It’s a collection of “heavy yet positive songs about retribution and regaining control and it’s no coincidence that alongside this notion as a band we have decided to move forward doing things on our own terms”.

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