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Heartsounds release new song from ‘Internal Eyes’

Melodic punk rockers Heartsounds have revealed a brand new track, titled The World Up There, from their upcoming new album, Internal Eyes.

The album is the band’s follow up to 2011’s Drifter and is due for release October 15th via Epitaph Records. Guitarist and vocalist Ben Murray gave a few words on the writing process for the new album:

“This time around, Trey and I met up at our practice space for 8 months straight to make sure these songs were as unique and exciting as we could possibly make them.  All we wanted to do was exceed all expectations of our band, and improve upon the qualities of our sound that we felt were our strongest.  We’ve never been more proud of an album of ours, and we’re confident that the end-result is something that fans of this niche style of melodic, fast, technical punk rock will truly appreciate.

A lot has happened to all four of us in the last two years since the release of Drifter, and we are now in a place as a band that feels more natural and fun than ever, and I feel like this shows through on these 10 new songs. We’re not a band that cares about much besides writing the best possible record we can at any given point in our lives, both personally and musically.  I think Internal Eyes is the next logical step in our sound, and we hope that our fans feel the same.”

Check out the new song here.

Sean Rafferty
Sean Rafferty
A metalhead residing the birthplace of metal - Birmingham!

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