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Stahlmann & Quarz

Stahlmann release their new album Quarz on 10th December, through AFM Records.

Band members Martin ‘Mart’ Soer (Vocals & programmings), Mario Sobotka (Guitars), Euge ‘Gene Getman (Bass), Dimitrios ‘Tacki’ Gatsios (Drums) ) have recorded ten new songs, and to tide their fans over until the arrival of the full album, Stahlmann release new single, with accompanying video, ‘Krähen der Nacht’ – Translated as “Crows of the Night”.

“Our fans may look forward to a thoroughly accomplished release with every NDH fan getting their money`s worth,” declared Soer.

Quarz was produced by Martin Soer and mixed and mastered by renowned sound engineer Frank Gryner (Rob Zombie, Andrew W.K; A Perfect Circle) at his God Complex production studio in Ontario, Canada.

Referring to the stylistic direction of Stahlmann’s latest offering, Soer said: “We’ve deliberately returned to our roots this time to revive the old-school NDH directives of our first three albums. Naturally, these influences have been combined with current, contemporary ideas. The result is a balanced, well-rounded album, catchy but still with all the raw edges Stahlmann is known for.”

Tracks featured are ‘Wolllust’, ‘Sünder’, ‘Krähen der Nacht’, ‘Gottmaschine’, ‘Sonnenreich’, ‘Gegen Den Strom’, ‘Herz & Tränen’, ‘Der Sturm’, ‘Tobsucht’ and ‘Willst Du’. It will be available to pre-order.

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Paul H Birch
Paul H Birch
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