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Hitting Rock Bottom with Young Medicine

Rising synth rockers Young Medicine return with their latest metalcore single ‘I’m Going To Hit Rock Bottom, You Guys Want Anything?

Thumping double-bass beats and crunchy metalcore guitar riffs hammer out hard-hitting djent rhythms while chorus lines partner with sparkling retro synth tones, interlaced with a passionate vocal performance form a stunning rock audio scape.  

“This song is broadly about gathering the strength to move on from whatever situation or issue you might be in,” said Young Medicine. “It’s about telling yourself it’s okay to let go of something so you can progress on to something or somewhere better, regardless of the time you may have already spent.”

The single is available now on all platforms from independent multi-genre label FiXT from
here and you can check out the video here at RAMzine.

Previously, Young Medicine released the single ‘UFO Party‘ and wWhile not explicitly about The X-Files per se, it draws heavily from the acclaimed series. Pivoting to the electronic rock side, it is a driving single featuring a turbulent array of synthesizers, drums, and heavy guitars, wrapped seamlessly around thought-provoking lyrics. 
“‘UFO Party’ is a self-reflection on being a shut-in and of feeling stagnant. Driving through the areas you used to know growing up that have all changed, the people having moved on or away while you feel stuck doing the same thing,” stated the band. “All set to the backdrop of watching X-Files for the thirtieth time while doom scrolling on the phone.”Young Medicine pull from diverse genres to build a carefully constructed music identity that defies simple categorisation. Thumping double-bass beats and crunchy guitar riffs hammer out hard-hitting rhythms while chorus lines partner with sparkling retro synth tones.

If synthwave and metal got together and started a boy band, the result might sound something like Young Medicine, who have put themselves on the map as pioneers for a new era by bringing rockstar swagger to the retro-wave movement.

The horror-inspired ‘Cold Blooded’ was their previous single. Loosely based around the Haunting Of Bly Manor, Young Medicine described the track as “a ghost story told from the ghost’s perspective. Waiting from beyond the grave for what you’ve lost.”

They continued, saying: “‘Cold Blooded’ is definitely more of a slow burn and build compared to some of our more recent singles, focusing more on telling a story than on crafting a conventional YM track.” 

You can stream/purchase ‘Cold Blooded’ here and watch the video right her at RAMzine.

Young Medicine made a statement early, releasing their debut album Interlinked in 2019 to widespread fan and influencer support, including the group being named in Alternative Press’s Top 12 Bands You Need To Know. The album also received prominent Billboard charting, landing spots on the Top 10 Alternative New Artist Albums and Top 25 New Artist Heatseekers charts. The band propelled themselves into tens of thousands of Spotify monthly listeners practically overnight while a series of original music videos piled up hundreds of thousands of views on YouTube

They soon caught the attention of independent synthwave label FiXT Neon, who signed the group to a deal in early 2020. The new partnership led to a rerelease of Interlinked along with brand new remixes while setting the stage for new original material to be released throughout 2021.

Previously, the band released the single ‘Hot Chocolate’.

“We wanted to make a fun song combining goofy synth jams with heavy bouncy metal, lyrically it’s inspired by the cheesiest of 80s-90s buddy cop dramas,” said the band of the single.

You can watch the video for ‘Hot Chocolate’ right here at RAMzine and purchase it here.


Paul H Birch
Paul H Birch
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