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Vio-Lence set the world ablaze with Let the World Burn

Bay Area thrashers, Vio-Lence, (pictured here in 1988) have finally returned with new music following their reformation in 2020 and while this is a short EP, it still packs a punch. Vio-Lence are one of the many Thrash bands of yesterday that have returned after many years with something to prove and while Let the World Burn may not be their best outing or their most eclectic, it is definitely indicative of things to come.

Thrash Metal albums have a bad habit of outstaying their welcome with a listener, which is why an EP is a better idea, especially for bands that are trying to make a return. The short runtime of Let the World Burn scratches the Thrash itch while leaving the listener wanting more and while le this EP is short, it delivers everything it promises; pure aggression.

The biggest criticism with this album is the occasional corny spoken word sections that show up from time to time, most egregiously on the title track. These sections feed into the lyrical themes of destruction but the delivery feels like it is trying too hard to seem intimidating but this may just be Sean Killian’s delivery that doesn’t work. Outside of these sections, Killian works perfectly with his barking, snarled vocals that add to the chaotic nature of the record.

Christian Olde Wolbers (formerly of Fear Factory) and Phil Demmel (formerly of Machine Head and metal’s new favourite hired gun) give Vio-Lence some much-needed star power and deliver some intense and vicious riffs.

Overall, Let the World Burn is a great new chapter in the history of Vio-Lence and while it isn’t anything particularly groundbreaking, it still sets out to do everything it intended which is to re-establish Vio-Lence as a powerhouse Thrash outfit and introduce a new generation to their breed by intense high powered Thrash.

Recommended for fans of Exodus, Death Angel and Power Trip

Let the World Burn is out now via Metal Blade Records.

Dale Unsworth
Self-proclaimed journalist, Progressive rock enthusiast and the most American sounding person you're ever likely to meet in the North of England

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