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By day I write for a magazine website about the wild and debauched advertising industry; by night I write about the comparatively well-behaved rock scene. I never grew out of my emo phase.

Review: Nai Harvest – Hairball

This Sheffield duo have always been a bit messy. Their 2013 debut full-length ‘Whatever’ was a boisterous bundle of angsty energy, making waves at a time when emo was entering its latest, scuzziest phase. Released on Dog Knights Productions, it put Nai Harvest in the same grubby punk bracket as the likes of Gnarwolves and You’ll Live. They followed this up ...

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Review: Dethfox – Natural Media Teleforce

Since it erupted from the lungs of angry kids on either side of the Atlantic almost 40 years ago, punk has spread out to define a large area of the musical map. As a result, describing a band’s sound as punk isn’t as useful as it once was. But on their debut EP, these Canadians point us to the very ...

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Review: Patrons – The Momentary Effects of Sunlight

For a band at the very dawn of their career, Patrons sound amazingly accomplished. This is the second EP from the Plymouth post-hardcore gang and yet none of these songs would feel out of place filling venues with four-figure capacities. When Thrice released their seminal ‘Vheissu’, the direction they’d taken their sound in was labelled (possibly slightly ironically) “post-post-hardcore”. That ...

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Review: Minus The Bear – Lost Loves

‘Lost Loves’ is a bit of a coy title for Minus the Bear’s sixth full-length album. Because it’s not really the Seattle math rockers’ sixth album. A compilation of tracks that ended up on the cutting room floor over the last decade or so, it might fairly be titled ‘Abandoned Junk’. With a cynic’s hat on, it would be easy ...

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Review: Another Dead Hero – Dystopia

It may be more than a decade since the heyday of nu-metal, but the tremors from its impact are still being felt. While most music fans accepted the genre as a short blip on the musical timeline, its devotees have been lurking in the shadows, planning a return and there have even been whispers in the last few years that ...

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Review: Empire! Empire! (I Was a Lonely Estate) – You Will Eventually Be Forgotten

For anybody just discovering this awkwardly titled husband and wife duo, wading through their discography is quite an undertaking. Since Keith Latinen started the band as a solo project in 2006, the couple from Fenton, Michigan have been traipsing around the world playing their gentle emo sounds with friends including Mineral, The Early November, The World is a Beautiful Place ...

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