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RAMzine Senior Writer - With a career spanning 30 years author / journalist Neil Mach is an expert on the music business and is a reliable guide. He especially loves heavy metal, prog & blues.

Overthrow ‘Adjust To Darkness’ Album Review

All new city-thrashonistas, these days, seem to come from Stavanger, The Oil Capital of the south-west Norway. Home of glamorous doomsters such as Theatre of Tragedy, Tristania and Sirenia – the place appears to be a fertile breeding ground for the many rising stars of the ear-blasting, thrash-metal persuasion. Now, from the Kingdom of Norway comes Overthrow. Having already played ...

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Interview with Jan Bünning of Paragon

Paragon is a speed metal/power metal band from Hamburg, Germany founded in 1994 by guitarist Martin Christian. In 2009, Paragon took a break. During this time they lost two of their members: Guitarist Günny Kruse, who had played on their three studio albums between 2005–2008, and also bassist Dirk Seifert who only played on “Screenslaves”. In November 2009, the band ...

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Tsar Bomb ‘Neowarfare’ Album Review

The Russian AN602 hydrogen bomb is the most powerful weapon ever created. It was built and tested in 1961.The resultant explosion created a mushroom cloud that was seven times higher than Mount Everest. It was named the ‘Tsar Bomb’. And so is this band. You do not think of sunny Malaga (Spain) as a fertile place for an Armageddon inducing, ...

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Light You Up ‘Broken Jaw’ EP Review

‘Broken Jaw’ is the first release with Light You Up’s new front man: Guildford’s Tom Napier. He brings a passionate new sense of substance to the 5-piece band. With the addition of his soulful singing, and remarkable vocal range, the band has created an album full of fresh, newly minted, melodic moments. Shouldering the sure-footed single Foxfire, the mini-album also ...

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Dark Karma soul

Dark Karma Soul ‘Theory Of Karma’ Album Review

‘Theory Of Karma’ from the Aldershot (UK) based Electronica /Industrial Metal band Dark Karma Soul may remind the listener of Mudvayne, with some of the latter tracks reminiscent of Soundgarden. The compositions have a complexity and a clear commitment to art that is noble and ambitious. But without being too overwrought. With bold vocals from lead singer Chris Westcott, and ...

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Canterbury ‘Something Better’ Single Review

Canterbury have released the next single from the critically acclaimed second album Heavy In The Day prior to hitting the road on their autumn/winter tour, supporting Deaf Havana. The song, Something Better clears away all the dust and clutter, making things seem a lot cleaner and clearer . It’s a pure song about putting things into perspective. And looking forwards, ...

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Future Shock ‘Future Shock’ EP Review

Future Shock is a brand new hard rock project born in the early part of 2011 in London, UK. The stated intent of this band is to reintroduce the power and vitality of the 80s and 90s rock music with a personal touch. The band have now released their self titled EP, produced by Mel Gabbitas (who has worked with such ...

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Heyward Howkins ‘Hale & Hearty’ Album Review

Combining pop, folk, rock and narrative song writing, the début release from Heyward Howkins ‘The Hale & Hearty’ features songs grounded in his local (Philadelphia, PA) surroundings, but his mellow songs also meander, sometimes more by chance, into whimsically imaginative worlds. Heyward first gleaned attention in the early 2000s as the lead guitarist for ‘The Trouble With Sweeney’. Howkins is ...

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Autumn Owls ‘Between Buildings, Toward The Sea’ Album Review

Autumn Owls formed and began preparing ideas in 2007, when the Dublin three-piece of Gary McFarlane (guitar, vocals), Adam Browne (bass) and Will Purtill (drums) began writing and recording in a converted shed. Autumn Owls recorded their first full-length album ‘Between Buildings, Toward The Sea’ in April 2012, working with Brian Deck (Califone, Modest Mouse, Iron and Wine) in Chicago. ...

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Deserted Fear ‘My Empire ’ Album Review

Deserted Fear is a Death Metal Band from Eisenberg/Thuringia, Germany. Formed in 2008, they recorded their first demo in 2010 and started to play live the same year. In the later part of 2011 they went into the studio to record their début album ‘ My Empire’. The band signed to FDA REKOTZ for the release of their album, which ...

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