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zeal and ardor

Zeal & Ardor – Stranger Fruit

Zeal & Ardor’s 2017 Debut, Devil is Fine was an exercise in experimentation, fusing together soulful delta blues with furious, biting black metal to create an altogether new sound. The project – the brainchild of French composer Manuel Gagneaux – took hold in the metal world after a reissue through MVKA, and fast became one of the most exciting bands ...

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Odd Palace – Things to place on the moon

Danish proggers Odd Palace release Things to place on the moon

Danish band Odd Palace are building up quite a name for themselves within the modern prog community, with one well received EP under their belt and a good number of festival performances since its release. Now they are here with debut album Things To Place On The Moon, looking to raise their stature within the scene. Odd Palace are unashamedly ...

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Boss Keloid

Boss Keloid blend the very best of doom, stoner, prog, and psych into a maelstrom of sounds

Boss Keloid have slowly been infiltrating the higher echelons of UK sludge metal ever since their debut The Calming Influence Of Teeth in 2013. Following a highly praised second album, Herb Your Enthusiasm under their belt, the band moved to Holy Roar Records, now a byword for quality within the UK metal scene, and now we arrive at their third ...

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Harm's Way

Harm’s Way release an album of lean athletic fury and power

Hardcore is in a healthy state in 2018, and the competition at the top of the scene is having a thrilling trickle down effect. Nails, Full of Hell and many others have made large strides in recent years, pushing the scene further into newer and more interesting avenues. However, the shadow of Code Orange looms large over the entirety of ...

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Ne Obliviscaris - Urn

Review: Ne Obliviscaris – Urn

Australia’s Ne Obliviscaris have always stood in a field of one, even within the progressive metal scene which has many diverse acts. Their brand of techy, classical influenced metal is unlike any other band, so it has been interesting to see how their sound has developed over their last two albums. Their first, Portal Of I, was a vibrant and ...

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Jamie Lenman - Devolver

Review: Jamie Lenman – Devolver

Post-hardcore polymath Jamie Lenman’s career has taken some very interesting turns since his departure from Reuben. After a five year break from music, his first solo album Muscle Memory was a double album filled half with delicate country/folk and half with abrasive, harsh hardcore. Now, he returns with another full length, Devolver, an album whose singles started to be released ...

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Veil Of Maya - False Idol

Review: Veil Of Maya – False Idol

False Idol is Veil Of Maya’s first album since 2015’s Matriarch, an album which elevated their already considerable status in the world of tech metal. With the addition of versatile vocalist Lukas Magyar, they created a vibrant, neon world in which twisting riffs and huge choruses sat side by side and complemented each other perfectly. What this did serve to ...

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Tigercub - Evolve or Die

Review: Tigercub – Evolve or Die

Brighton three-piece Tigercub sit in an interesting place in the overall British rock scene. One foot firmly placed in the indie scene that is currently thriving, and the other in territories much heavier and complex than their indie contemporaries would ever go into. Past tours with Pulled apart by horses, Demob Happy and Black Peaks show that they are not ...

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The Contortionist - Clairvoyant

Review: The Contortionist – Clairvoyant

On the surface, Clairvoyant isn’t much of a departure from The Contortionist’s previous effort, Language, but on this album the band twist and mould the same textures and sounds into better-written songs. The songs feel more focused and concise, despite the album having a similar runtime to previous albums, and the techier tendencies of all members of the band are ...

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White Moth Black Butterfly - Atone

Review: White Moth Black Butterfly – Atone

White Moth Black Butterfly is the latest venture from always-busy vocalist Dan Tompkins and a supporting cast featuring Keshav Dar of Skyharbor, fellow vocalist Jordan Turner, Randy Slaugh on keyboards, and drummer Mac Christensen. It is a marked step away from Tompkins’ work in Tesseract, exploring avenues more ambient and spacious, and settling into more simple pop-structured songs. To call ...

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