Interview with Fall of Every Sparrow (F.O.E.S)

Fall of Every Sparrow (F.O.E.S) have smashed out an impressive resume in the short time they have worked together. Having formed just last year, they have already made their name supporting the likes of Hacktivist and 36 Crazyfists. Five months of this togetherness was spent crafting ‘Ophir’, their atmospheric first EP released in February 2014. For a first release the post/alt rock ...

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sex pistols

Interview with Glen Matlock (Sex Pistols), Slim Jim Phantom (Bowie) and Earl Slickhave (Stray Cats)

Photo by: Debra Raffles Trizzini As I was sitting down trying to think of an introduction, a friend of mine sat down next to me and said something that struck me. “It’s just hitting me who we’ve got here tonight. It’s surreal to see these kind of people walking around here”. Surreal indeed. Hertford is an idyllic place, but it doesn’t exactly ...

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Interview with HELLYEAH

It’s late Saturday afternoon and the HELLYEAH sound check is booming away. We are waiting for our interview with Vinnie Paul (drummer). HELLYEAH have debuted #1 on the US BILLBOARD Hard Rock Charts (Top 20 on the overall charts) and the single ‘Sangre Por Sangre (Blood For Blood)’ hit the Top 20 at rock radio in the US. HELLYEAH have made an impressive showing with their fourth ...

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ricky warwick

Interview with Ricky Warwick, Black Star Riders

Thursday 7th August 2014, and we are at The Asylum in Birmingham to talk to Ricky Warwick, a man that has been working in Hard Rock bands since the 80’s, the longest length of his career spent in Scottish band The Almighty. In 2009 Ricky was invited to join Thin Lizzy as lead vocalist and guitarist. Ricky played in Thin ...

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the-one-hundred redfest

Interview with The One Hundred at Redfest

We caught up with The One Hundred at Redfest, prior to the release of their new EP ‘Subculture’ – which we cannot wait to get out hands on! Jacob Field (Vocals) says “The production sounds huge, and the tracks are all bangers!”. ‘Subculture’ will be released September 1st via Australian label UNFD (Northlane, Buried In Verona). Read more here! We ...

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skindred redfest

Interview with Skindred at Redfest

RAMzine spoke to Skindred before their headline set at Redfest, Surrey. Arya Goggin (Drums) tells us how they came to play at Redfest. Arya and Mikey Demus (Guitar) also talk us through the birth of the legendary Newport Helicopter, and how that has gone down at Download Festival over the years, playing to over 70,000 people. We also converse about ...

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Interview with Polar

If you’ve been to a hardcore gig in the UK, chances are you’ve heard of Polar. Hell, you’ve probably seen them live at some point. The band seems to be omnipresent on the scene, touring so relentlessly it is not difficult to question their sanity. Their endurance has to be applauded, with the band smashing out high energy performances night ...

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Monuments at TECH FEST

MONUMENTS, a name that has come to the forefront of Tech and Djent sub cultures in what seems like the blink of an eye. Their groove too great for mere mortals, their thall too thunderous for puny ears and their vocals too complex for the normal mind. They are the progressive metal and experimental groove that is legendary. The 5 ...

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doomed for one day

Doomed From Day One at TECH FEST

Rapidly climbing the ranks of the UK metal scene, the tight knit unit, DOOMED FROM DAY ONE, have quickly been recognised as a force to be reckoned with. Forming in late 2009 – early 2010 the band released their debut EP ‘The Wasted World’ in 2011 which was received well by all of the UK top publications, also receiving recognition ...

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the coulour pink is gay

The Colour Pink Is Gay at TECH FEST

Way up north in Glasgow, Scotland, 5 guys got together with the interests of mixing aggression, white noise, silly numbers and crazy live shows which in turn formed THE COLOUR PINK IS GAY. A Tech Metal band who were described as “Epileptic Tech Death” by Beard Rock, and whose debut EP, ‘i/O‘ (Available now), got an “8/10 Discombobulating” from Metal ...

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