black star riders

Interview: Black Star Riders

It’s no secret that Black Star Riders are the phoenix that formed from the ashes of Thin Lizzy, making them an already brilliant band with a lot of great tunes left in them. BSR are about to embark on a UK tour co-headlining with Europe, as well as just releasing their second album ‘The Killer Instinct‘. We spoke to BSR ...

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Last Great Dreamers

Interview: Last Great Dreamers’ Slyder

For a band who came second to  Skunk Anansie  in the Kerrang! Awards’ Best New Bands’ category and received critical acclaim in the press, Last Great Dreamers looked like they could of been the next big thing. Due to a frustrating music industry and deals not coming through, the ‘retrosexual’ Brit-rockers had to call it a day. Last September, LGD ...

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altered sky

Interview with Altered Sky

You may have heard of up and coming pop-rockers Altered Sky, especially since their cover of Taylor Swift’s ‘Blank Space’  was posted on YouTube, but you may not know they are about to embark on a completely unique tour : A Scotland only tour. We caught up with guitarist Rich Passe and drummer/ BG vocalist Amy Blair about the tour ...

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Avatar Interview

Johannes of Avatar Interview

RAMzine sat down with Johannes Eckerström of Avatar, who tells us after this long he dose feel like the band need a bit of a break saying “on average we have been doing 5 shows a week for 14 weeks”. That is a lot, but it hasn’t gone unnoticed. Avatar have propelled into the world of Rock and Metal certainly ...

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black state highway

Black State Highway at Hard Rock Hell

Hard Rock Hell was Black State Highway‘s first ever festival, this modern Hard Rock and Bluesy band from Reading, traveled down to Wales, and played a set that impressed and won over many new fans. In this interview we talk about the releases of the bands debut album, and new single ‘Ain’t got No‘, watch the video below! We also ...

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spiders interview

Spiders Interview at Hard Rock Hell

Spiders are the modern, yet 70s-inspired hard rock band from Sweden. RAMzine caught up with John Hoyles (guitarist) at Hard Rock Hell. John tells us how the band got signed to Spinefarm Records. We also talk about the bands new album ‘Shake Electric’, which John tells is is “very influenced by the 70’s glam rock, but with a modern touch”. ...

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texas flood interview

Texas Flood Interview at Hard Rock Hell

RAMzine spoke to this year’s Highway To Hell competition winners, The Texas Flood. The Welsh blues rockers opened the main stage to a full crowd, this is something that not all bands first on the bill can easily achieve. Their new album ‘Young Dogs Old Tricks’ was released the day prior, via Off Ya Rocker Recordings. They describe the album as ...

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massive interview

Massive Interview at Hard Rock Hell

RAMzine caught up with hard rock band Massive at none other then Hard Rock Hell in North Wales. You can see why this band are called Massive, all you have to do is listen to their single ‘On By One’ and you hear their Rock ‘n’ Roll impression. This track really defines the band quite well, and starts off their ...

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blackwolf interview

BlackWolf Interview at Hard Rock Hell

RAMzine spoke to BlackWolf at Hard Rock Hell 2014! The band have had a really good year, they were nominees for ‘Best New Band’ in this years Classic Rock Magazine Awards, they also played on ‘Planet Rock Radio presents’ UK headline tour, and were even featured over on Team Rock Radio’s ‘Breaking Bands’. The band have also built up a great ...

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blue pills interview

Blues Pills Interview at Hard Rock Hell

Blues Pills have just finished their October 2014 UK tour with The Vintage Caravan and BlackWolf, to which Elin larsson (Lead Vocals) says “We didn’t expect that many people to come to our shows, it’s been going great”. “I guess we already exceeded our expectation, from when we began, from now we want to do another album… and get to ...

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