evil scarecrow

Interview: Evil Scarecrow at HRH United

Evil Scarecrow are the masterminds behind such tracks as ‘Crabulon‘ and ‘Robotertron’. We caught up with Kraven Morrdethand (bass) and Monty Blitzfist (drums) at HRH United, to find out what the heck Evil Scarecrow is all about. We believe you will find their response enriching and educational. If you don’t get it perhaps you never will, but one thing is for sure ...

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bleed from within

Bleed From Within at Takedown Festival

It’s an exciting time for Bleed From Within. They returned to Takedown Festival sub-headlining the UPRAWR stage, on the cusp of releasing new material. We caught up with Scott Kennedy (vocals) and Craig ‘Goonzi’ Gowans (guitars) about them about what we can expect why they chose to go with crowd funding for the new EP ‘Death Walk‘ (available digitally). The band are ...

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Wednesday 13

Interview: Wednesday 13

Having spent over 20 years in the music industry and a decade as a solo artist, Wednesday 13 has done it all. From fronting Frankenstein Drag Queens from The Planet 13,  Gunfire 76,  super group Murderdolls and being one half of outlaw country duo Bourbon Crow. Wednesday 13 , real name Joseph Poole, has just released his first concept album ...

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motor sister

Interview: Motor Sister (Jim Wilson)

What do most men do for their 50th birthday? Spend time with the family?  Venture to a festivals with old mates? For Anthrax guitarist, Scott Ian, he wanted to reform his favourite band – Mother Superior.  Scott’s wife, Pearle Aday, had been working with former front man Jim Wilson, so it only took a quick phone call to get the ...

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InMe at Takedown Festival

When we met InMe, they were just a few hours away from taking the stage to play Overgrown Eden in full. We spoke to them about how it felt to play the album in full yet again, their THREE upcoming new albums and looking back on their career to date. Overgrown Eden – It’s quite a moody album lyrically, but when we ...

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Interview: Beartooth

The 2015 Kerrang! tour featured legends Don Broco, pop-rockers We Are The In Crowd, and buddies Burry Tomorrow, + Beartooth. RAMzine was invited to catch up with Beartooth’s Taylor Lumley (guitarist) on the Liverpool leg of the tour. Taylor tells us of the tour so far, saying: “It’s been great, the crowds have been crazy, it’s been nice to play in front of ...

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all that remains

Interview: All That Remains

*UPDATE: 16/6/15 – After speaking with Phil at Download Festival 2015, we see that he just generally likes to be sarcastic in interviews, and he honestly didn’t know what touting was! See more here!* It will be interesting to know what people think of this interview. Personally for me, as a fan, I found it quite disappointing. A part of ...

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I, The Lion

Interview: I, The Lion

I, The Lion Hit The Road In Support of New EP ‘Run’ Throughout February & March “A band with the potential to light up the British rock scene like a Reuben or Biffy Clyro”, you don’t hear that too often. This quote from RingMaster sits alongside a host of peer and review accolades held by ‘I, The Lion‘, from Kerrang!, ...

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36 crazyfists

Interview: 36 Crazyfists

Since bursting onto the scene with ‘Bitterness the Star‘ shortly followed up by ‘A Snow Capped Romance‘, 36 Crazyfists were a breath of fresh air for metal fans. Somehow the success which they deserved eluded them, ‘Rest Inside the Flames’ treaded water and they were quickly dropped by Roadrunner Records. A few line-up changes occurred and a change of record ...

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all hail the yeti

Interview: All Hail The Yeti

All Hail The Yeti are a band that know what they want, they know who they are, and they are focused on their path towards the light. Hailing from where many would believe the light already sits, Hollywood, LA. We sat down with vocalist Connor Garritty, before their show with 36 Crazyfists at The Marble Factory in Bristol. Connor is ...

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