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Torn The F*ck Apart ‘The Dissection of Christ’ Album Review

Death metal is not usually this reviewer’s forte, and after choosing to review it on the grounds that the title of the album and the name of the band were cool all preconceptions were dropped. This album is really cool, whether you are a fan of the style or not. Each track includes a quote about Christianity, religion in general ...

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Rolo Tomassi ‘Astraea’ Album Review

Sheffield’s own Rolo Tomassi have been very busy little bees indeed. Whilst touring the UK as main support for Architects back in April, parting ways with old label Hassle and forming their own (Destination Moon), they have also written and self-produced their latest full length offering Astraea. Sticking to the bands experimental roots yet expanding and refining other areas of ...

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Hildamay ‘Miles Away’ Album Review

Hildamay – Miles Away (Album)   If you’ve had a chance to hear the new single Changing The Key from Kent boys Hildamay, then you’ll have a rough idea of what they’re bringing with their new album, Miles Away, released on November 5th through Wolf At Your Door Records. If you’ve not managed to catch the single, Changing The Key ...

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Dark Karma soul

Dark Karma Soul ‘Theory Of Karma’ Album Review

‘Theory Of Karma’ from the Aldershot (UK) based Electronica /Industrial Metal band Dark Karma Soul may remind the listener of Mudvayne, with some of the latter tracks reminiscent of Soundgarden. The compositions have a complexity and a clear commitment to art that is noble and ambitious. But without being too overwrought. With bold vocals from lead singer Chris Westcott, and ...

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kamikaze test pilots

Kamikaze Test Pilots Album Review

An all-American sounding album, heavily influenced by System of a Down (or at least that’s what it sounds like), Kamizake Test Pilots offering is very impressive. Hitting all of the stereotypical band qualities one could hope for, the guitar solos are quite impressive in places, and they seem to be quite fond of ramping up the tempo to enhance the ...

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Being As An Ocean ‘Dear G-d’ Album Review

What really pisses me off these days is how certain bands and individuals can relentlessly churn out musical garbage, devoid of any emotional content. What ever happened to music being about expression yourself in an artistic way, as opposed to just putting in some loops and expression how much you want to bang someone? Being As An Ocean are guilty ...

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Yes Sir Boss

Yes Sir Boss ‘Desperation State’ Album Review

I have seen Yes Sir Boss play live a total of three times. The first time I watched them was at Shambala 2011, and I had no idea who they were, needless to say, they impressed me so much that I willingly went to go see them play the Blind Tiger in Brighton at some point before Shambala 2012, when ...

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green dau uno

Green Day ‘¡Uno!’ Album Review

Ah, Green Day. What a wonderfully divisive little band. Are you a fan of Dookie, or did you enjoy American Idiot? Arguments over what is better will continue to rage over Internet forums, and their newest release will only add fuel to the fire. On the face of it, ¡Uno! is a return to more irrelevant, less preachy days. On ...

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The Finest Hour

The Finest Hour “These Are The Good Old Days” Album Review

These Are The Good Old Days is the debut album by indie-rockers The Finest Hour. The press release accompanying the tracks extolled the quality of this new infusion of rock, indie, ska and folk. Now I don’t know about you, but I found that to be quite a terrifying statement. So with much trepidation, I put on my headphones, not ...

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It was metal legend Lemmy that hand picked Diaries of a Hero to support him on tour: the highest honour for any metal band really. Diaries of a Hero may not be all that well known across the scene at the moment but after a tour with Motorhead and Anthrax and a debut album like ‘Behind The Mask’ that’s sure to be a thing of the past. ...

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