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below - lantern

Lantern – Below

LANTERN was formed in summer 2007 by Cruciatus, in the eve of Cacodaemon’s death. The line-up changes necessary for Cruciatus’ work to proceed didn’t leave the moniker Cacodaemon rights to exist under even a slightly different sound. Thus LANTERN barged in as a completely new entity, risen from the shambles of an elder beast. An old friend, namely Necrophilos swore ...

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Imprecation – Satanae Tenebris Infinita

Imprecation decided to part ways in 1998. In 2002, Ruben, Phil, Wes and Dave reunite to play the ‘Infernal Horde of Manifestation’ Fest in Houston, Texas. Bass player, Mark Beecher, was not available to play in this event. The show was recorded live and released on cassette, which successfully sold 100 tapes. …. Now years later, they return again! Here ...

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mechanical swan

Mechanical Swan – Black Dawn Romance

Mechanical Swan a band that are said to combine the power of Hard Rock and Heavy Metal with an orchestra and electronica. With that description this album certainly caught our eye. Here is our track-by-track review of Mechanical Swans newest release ‘Black Dawn Romance’. No more tears to Cry So far so good, those simple melodic keyboard notes come fluctuating ...

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Shining – One One One

Within a minute or so of hearing ‘I Won’t Forget’ the album’s opening track I was hit with the same level of energy of ‘Madness And The Damage Done’ the opening track from Shining’s previous effort ‘Blackjazz’. Yet it’s a different kind of energy, not that dissimilar from ‘Blackjazz’ but definitely a step away. It’s still experimental and still completely ...

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Helldorado – Bones in the Closet

Well who would have thought a band from Norway, would, or even could sound like a Southern American, whisky slugging band? Suddenly everyone wants to be a redneck, well maybe I have exaggerated a little here, but this kind of music certainly takes me back to the days of Lynryd Skynryd and the Allman Brothers rock, incorporating a southern mix ...

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Primus – Sailing The Seas Of Cheese

It’s fairly safe to say that Les Claypool is a bit of an odd chap when it comes as far as music. I don’t think I ever heard song titles like the ones he comes up with both for Primus and his various other projects. He’s quite unique in that respect and also in the respect of his bass playing. ...

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The Dillinger Escape Plan – One Of Us Is The Killer

There are many ways one could describe The Dillinger Escape Plan but most of what you will hear in day-to-day life will be factually inaccurate. Those who aren’t fans of the music, band or are, for want of a better word, closed-minded, will have you believe that it’s nothing more than a chaotic ‘noise’ without structure or timing which serves ...

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GraViL – Thoughts of a Rising Sun

Following the release of their single/music video ‘Enemy Within’ London metal troops GraViL have unleashed their brand new album ‘Thoughts of a Rising Sun’! Here is out track-by-track review!  Structurally Unsound I would say this is structurally sound! And judging from the velocity of sound coming from my speakers I feel I have to drop to my knees and support ...

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bad weather palm reader

Palm Reader – Bad Weather

Having recently joined forces with Small Town Records, playing an extensive amount of shows around Europe and the UK as well as featuring in a number of festivals, Palm Reader have really started to set a name up for themselves. Releasing their debut album, ‘Bad Weather’, the band have set in stone that they are ruthless, brutal and ready to ...

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Dark Sermon – ‘In Tongues’

Formed in 2009, the Florida based band Dark Sermon arrives in the global metal community determined to stand out from the cookie-cutter junk and the trend-following idiots who crowd the scene. Dark Sermon have nothing less than total world domination on their minds, armed with a new kind of heavy. They compare favourably to the stifling stomp of Behemoth, the ...

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