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mercury underground

Mercury Underground EP Review

Mercury Underground are based in Glasgow and definitely are not “just a rock band!” ranging from classic rock through to progressive and into fusion it’s just a unique blend of rock and more importantly it works! The band has supported such acts as Adrenalin Mob, Voodoo Six, Sick Puppies, Attica Rage and The Sword during their tour with Metallica. Gaining ...

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Generation Graveyard 'We are the Empty'

Generation Graveyard ‘We are the Empty’ EP Review

Genre: Death Punk Hailing from the London area of the UK, this five-man strong army of death punkers have savagely produced this EP entitled “We are the Empty” Founded in 2010 and shared a stage with bands such as Viking Skull (Now sadly disbanded) Warrior Soul and Zodiac Mind Warp is somewhat pretty impressive. Their tracks are inspired by urban ...

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live strut die

Chick Rides Artist ‘Live.Strut.Die’ EP Review

There is a Chick Rides Artist EP that’s been on my ipod shuffle for a couple of years now that made quite a good soundtrack for the gym.  I stuck it on today to make a comparison between their efforts then and new release “Live.Strut.Die” and immediately I got filthy looks from my puppy.  The difference between these two offerings ...

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cry havoc

Cry Havoc ‘New Life’ EP Review

Cry Havoc are a fairly new thrash band to the scene, yet their musical ability might make you think otherwise. On their new four-track EP there is a wonderful range of style. It’s all impressively heavy but the band does a great job of toeing a line between thrash and classic metal. There’s a brilliant pace to it all, though ...

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Housefires EP Review ‘Before The Celling Caves’

Despite having formed little over a year ago, Portsmouth 5 piece Housefires have been causing quite the stir. With reviews from Kerrang, interviews in Planet Loud, and with the backing of Marianne Harris they have been able to propel themselves outside of being just another local band. Debut EP ‘Before the Celling Caves’ shows just why they are getting such ...

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golden feature

Golden Tanks EP Review

Review By Oli Bateman Golden Tanks – Golden Tanks E.P   The first thing you should know about this review, is the fact that I am conducting it without a press release. Normally as any budding music journalist will tell you, a press release is a short bio sent out by the band, the bands label, or a PR company ...

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