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MaelstroM ‘It was Predestined’ EP Review

MaelstroM have claimed that they have created a kind of hybrid sub-genre, by fusing thrash, death, power, and prog-metal together. Their legendary EP ‘It Was Predestined’ was originally distributed underground in 2008-2009. But in October 2012 it was officially released – by Los Angeles’ Itchy Metal Entertainment (IME) On the release of the recording, IME President Ed Fassio commented: “To ...

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Light You Up ‘Broken Jaw’ EP Review

‘Broken Jaw’ is the first release with Light You Up’s new front man: Guildford’s Tom Napier. He brings a passionate new sense of substance to the 5-piece band. With the addition of his soulful singing, and remarkable vocal range, the band has created an album full of fresh, newly minted, melodic moments. Shouldering the sure-footed single Foxfire, the mini-album also ...

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Try Me/Love Me ‘Young Love’ EP Review

The brainchild of Heart in Hand’s Charlie Holmes and Hearts Under Fire drummer Lexi Clark, it is a surprise that the Try Me/Love Me don’t have hearts in their name somewhere.  But this is beside the point.  There was part of me that thought that Holmes would trade in the trademark gruff vocals and screams of Heart in Hand for ...

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Now, Voyager

Now, Voyager ‘Seas’ EP Review

Now, Voyager are a post-hardcore outfit stemming from Brussels, Belgium and they’re bringing a sound to international shores that isn’t entirely original, nor is it unique, but it is distinguishable from its peers as it’s simply amongst the best you’ll hear this year in terms of talent, passion and energy. Despite only recently breaking into international waters and straying from their native ...

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a tale of

A Tale of Two Cities ‘New Horizons’ EP Review

Words cannot describe ‘New Horizons’ – the latest EP from A Tale of Two Cities. It has phenomenal guitar harmonies that flow over poetic vocals that the core fan base of melodic rock will love and an attitude not to mess with. ‘New Horizons’ opens up with the masterful ‘Four Words’, a track that lays the foundation to the brilliance ...

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Future Shock ‘Future Shock’ EP Review

Future Shock is a brand new hard rock project born in the early part of 2011 in London, UK. The stated intent of this band is to reintroduce the power and vitality of the 80s and 90s rock music with a personal touch. The band have now released their self titled EP, produced by Mel Gabbitas (who has worked with such ...

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Benji Bulldog

Viva La Revolution ‘Go Big or Go Home’ EP Review

I am going to stop being sent these soon; most of my reviews seem to have some kind of negative undertones.  Sometimes they are just blaring overtones mixed with a dash of compliment.  A compliment sandwich they are not.  With that in mind here goes for Viva La Revolution… they wrote a song about Zooey Deschanel, however its never going ...

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mercury underground

Mercury Underground EP Review

Mercury Underground are based in Glasgow and definitely are not “just a rock band!” ranging from classic rock through to progressive and into fusion it’s just a unique blend of rock and more importantly it works! The band has supported such acts as Adrenalin Mob, Voodoo Six, Sick Puppies, Attica Rage and The Sword during their tour with Metallica. Gaining ...

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Generation Graveyard 'We are the Empty'

Generation Graveyard ‘We are the Empty’ EP Review

Genre: Death Punk Hailing from the London area of the UK, this five-man strong army of death punkers have savagely produced this EP entitled “We are the Empty” Founded in 2010 and shared a stage with bands such as Viking Skull (Now sadly disbanded) Warrior Soul and Zodiac Mind Warp is somewhat pretty impressive. Their tracks are inspired by urban ...

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live strut die

Chick Rides Artist ‘Live.Strut.Die’ EP Review

There is a Chick Rides Artist EP that’s been on my ipod shuffle for a couple of years now that made quite a good soundtrack for the gym.  I stuck it on today to make a comparison between their efforts then and new release “Live.Strut.Die” and immediately I got filthy looks from my puppy.  The difference between these two offerings ...

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