Live Reviews


OPM @ The Independent, Sunderland

Simply looking at tonight’s drink offers is an indicator of why tonight’s show has sold so well. Most popular order of the night:’ Heaven Is A Half-Pint’  a bright green ‘skittles’ drink served in a half pint glass.  For those who don’t know: OPM had a hit in 2001 with a song called Heaven Is A Halfpipe, a top 5 ...

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Monument @ The Intrepid Fox, London

There are some incredibly idiotic individuals who claim that the great age of British heavy metal has died a horrible, quiet death. RAMzine would like to officially announce that those people can go f**k themselves. Opening to a thunderous wall of noise (kudos to the sound guy, top floor of a pub is a hard sound to get right) singer ...

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gary numan

Gary Numan @ Sub 89, Reading

Seeing Gary Numan in a venue this small really is a barrage on the senses.  The lighting rig used tonight is the same one used in venues three times the size and while impressive when you are stood at the front, its somewhat intimidating at the same time. Moving further back and you see the full picture.  Or rather don’t.  ...

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metal all day


Whoever says that the metal music scene is dead in Cardiff need to stop applying their eyeliner and take a minute to go and support the huge amount of local talent around the south Wales area, who regularly play Cardiff! One event that brought a handful of these bands together was the ’15 Die A Day’ all-dayer which took place ...

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