what now

Live Gig Review: What Now at The Lexington, London

‘What Now’ showcased their newest songs from their upcoming album ‘Move Like a Sinner’ – out March 2013 – in the luxurious surroundings of London’s fabulous Lexington venue last week . The band originated from the surfing and skateboarding mecca of Ballito, in South Africa (although they now call London their home) so it was not surprising that the Lex ...

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Rescuer ‘With Time Comes The Comfort’ Album Review

Florida based melodic / hardcore / punk outfit Rescuer have released ‘With Time Comes The Comfort’ (January 15th 2013.) The album had already made the Absolute Punk’s ‘Most Anticipated’ list for 2013. Describing Rescuer as “One of the most exhilarating bands Rise Records have signed for years…” This 5 piece play their own brand of fresh hard-won power-trips, with ...

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harry george johns

Harry George Johns EP Review

2013 is set to be a big year for Harry George Johns, the former bassist and backing singer of the West Yorkshire rock outfit Dinosaur Pile-Up. Having left Dinosaur Pile-Up in November of last year to concentrate on writing and recording his own solo project, Johns is set to release his debut EP “Post-breakdown Blues” on February 7th. Stylistically Johns ...

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Nightfall ‘Cassiopeia’ Album Review

The Greek symphonic black metal act ‘Nightfall’ was formed in 1991. The band apparently split up in 2005 (although no official announcement was ever made) but the band was rebuilt in 2009 when American guitarist Evan Hensley was invited to join up, and German drummer and producer Jörg Uken replaced George Kollias on drums. This new line-up attracted the interest ...

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death by ki

Death By Ki’s ‘The Right of Might’ EP Review

Energetic, pounding and full of talent, Death By Ki’s new EP The Right of Might is truly brilliant. Opening with ‘Like Oxygen To Fire’, the tone is set for the majority of this album – loud, with vocals that are like Azaelia Banks and Corey Taylor caught in a blender, and an awesome guitar solo every time the tempo changes. ...

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The Blackout ‘Start The Party’ Album Review

If you’ve seen The Blackout on tour, you’ll know one thing. The Blackout like to party. So much, in fact, they’ve dedicated their latest release to it. 2013 marks the band’s 10th anniversary, and after the more grown-up feel and emotional maturity showcased in previous release Hope,  expectations are likely to be high. The album starts off with ‘Start The ...

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the rolling stones

The Rolling Stones ‘GRR!’ Album Review

The Rolling Stones… How many front-men have taken tips from Mick Jagger? There’s even a very catchy tune by that terrible lot Maroon 5 claiming they have the ‘moves’ like him. How many guitarists modelled their playing, their intensity, their groove on Keith Richards? How many budding songwriters have used those two as muses when writing, hoping that they may ...

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Dreamshade ‘The Gift Of Life’ Album Review

‘The Gift of Life’ is the second offering from Swiss metal noise makers Dreamshade, who with the help of producer Jacob Hansen (who has previously worked with Amaranthe and Volbeat) put together something that at first glance could easily be dismissed as ‘just another metal album’. However, this is not the case with ‘The Gift of Life’. As soon as ...

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Malnàtt ‘Principia Discordia’ Album Review

Formed in Bologna, Italy in 1999, Malnàtt has moved away from the folk approach of the early albums to focus on much more extreme and experimental sounds. ‘Principia Discordia’, Produced by Simone Mularoni (DGM, Empyrios) is the fifth full-length album released by Malnàtt and is a tale told in an unexpected way. Malnàtt’s humorous approach contrasts superbly with their obscure ...

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Some Skeletons ‘And Signs & Ampersands’ EP Review

Nottingham’s Some Skeletons second release And Signs & Ampersands really sees this band coming into their own. On the back if their last release Kypes | Pests | Throats their second EP sees the band sounding more confident and settled in their sound than before. Drawing influences from bands such as Idlewild, Smashing Pumpkins, Deftones and Brand New they have ...

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