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Borealis – The Offering

Borealis hail from Canada, The Offering their fourth album. It offers power metal that travels into the bordering hinterlands of symphonic rock and some progressive areas via its instrumental sections. Self-releasing their debut album World Of Silence in 2008, Borealis they would subsequently tour with the likes of Kamelot, Epica and Sonata Arctica in their homeland. When Fall From Grace ...

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G3 2018: Joe Satriani, John Petrucci & Uli Jon Roth

Following the recent announcement at Ramzine that guitar virtuoso Joe Satriani will release his 16th solo album, What Happens Next, on January 12th through Sony/Legacy Recordings comes confirmation that he has revived his G3 Tour for an excursion across Europe in 2018. Joining Satriani will be Dream Theater’s John Petrucci and former Scorpions guitarist Uli Jon Roth. As is customary ...

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The Contortionist - Clairvoyant

Review: The Contortionist – Clairvoyant

On the surface, Clairvoyant isn’t much of a departure from The Contortionist’s previous effort, Language, but on this album the band twist and mould the same textures and sounds into better-written songs. The songs feel more focused and concise, despite the album having a similar runtime to previous albums, and the techier tendencies of all members of the band are ...

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Haken’s ‘Visions’

Review: Haken – Visions (re-release 2017)

Progressive metal band Haken have re-released their second album, Visions, after working alongside Jens Bogren to reinvigorate and raise the standard up to the band’s current production, in which Bogren also worked on. Visions is eight tracks long with a total run time of nearly sixty-three minutes, a full eleven minutes shorter than their debut album Aquarius [which has had ...

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Review: Opeth – Sorceress

      The beautiful opening on this album from ‘Persephone’ takes all your stresses and worries away like no tomorrow. It allows you to sit back and exhale and let the crisp notes flow through your mind like a cool breeze. ‘Sorceress’ is a long and winding progression of rhythms that are elasticized with teasing essences that are sultry ...

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Zierler… A Multinational Prog Metal Powerhouse?

Zierler is a transatlantic progression metal conglomerate featuring current and former members of Fates Warning, Halford, Firewind Scar Symmetry, Circus Maximus and Beyond Twilight. That latter named band featured Danish keyboard wizard Finn Zierler from whom this new one takes its name, with a debut album going by the name of ESC now available on the US based Vanity Music Group. Voted one ...

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James LaBrie – I Will Not Break EP

Recorded music has come such a long way in such a relatively short time: where it ensures quality sound reproduction that’s great, when it enters the marketing minefield it all becomes a lot more subjective. Once upon a time a single was a 7” piece of vinyl played on a gramophone at 45 revolutions per minute (rpm) with a song ...

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Sonata Artica – Pariah’s Child

Fifteen years into a career, with eight full albums now released, Finland’s Sonata Artica deliver Pariah’s Child, a melodic power metal operatic odyssey in all but name. If, like me, you’ve only heard the band’s music fleetingly before, there’s much that reminds one of Styx and early Queen, not least because of the band’s use of harmony vocals; and even ...

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Hacride Unveil Album Teaser

French extreme prog-metallers Hacride have just released a cheeky little teaser for their upcoming album Back To Where You’ve Never Been. The full length is due for release to most of Europe on the 22nd April 2013. Back To Where You’ve Never Been marks the fourth album released by the group, and is sure to see them draw inspiration from ...

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Intronaut Promotional Photo


Prog-metallers Intronaut have revealed the album artwork and track listing for their new album entitled Habitual Levitations. Check out the artwork below! Track listing as follows: 01. Killing Birds With Stones 02. The Welding 03. Steps 04. Sore Sight For Eyes 05. Milk Leg 06. Harmonomicon 07. Eventual 08. Blood From A Stone 09. The Way Down Habitual Levitations will be Intronaut’s 4th studio album due for release on ...

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