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A Turn For The Unexpected – An Interview With Norse Metal Pioneers Helheim

Following the recent release of Helheim’s tenth full-length record, the incredibly diverse and unconventional Rignir, RAMzine simply had to have a chat with bassist/vocalist V’gandr from the Norwegian Viking metal ensemble; in order to learn more about what makes them tick, why alienation is a relevant and important theme within the context of the new album, and how the writing ...

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Four Different Shades Of Norwegian Darkness – Dominanz, Madder Mortem, Helheim & Vulture Industries Lay Waste To Bergen

Last night was something quite special in that four rather unique bands convened in Bergen and laid siege to the cool and dimly lit venue that is Kvarteret in Bergen, Norway. While legendary viking metallers Helheim and the progressive outfit that is Matter Mortem have been around for what seems like ages, the hugely experimental Vulture Industries burst into the ...

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Norwegian Viking metal ensemble Einherjer unleash a brand new audio assault

The Norwegian Viking metal ensemble that is Einherjer is about to unleash a brand new audio assault upon the unsuspecting masses via Indie Recordings and any fan of bombastic and face-melting music ought to pay attention to this one as it contains some of the very best material by said band to date. Actually, it seems as if Einherjer are ...

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Asenblut – Legenden

German pagan metal band Asenblut have released Legenden a new EP available that includes the title track, four re-recordings of early material, plus a bonus cover. Based in Göttingen, the band formed ten years ago and released their debut album Aufbruch in 2009, embracing black metal, thrash, melodic death metal and traditional heavy metal within their sound, followed it with ...

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Live: Grand Magus, The Underworld, London

British shores have a history of Viking invasions, thankfully these days they are more than welcome, and the current assault across the nation had Swedish legends Grand Magus pillaging their way through venue after venue on the Frost and Fire Tour. As they prepare to take the Capital in their final show, we are treated to an insane showcase of ...

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Review: Skálmöld – Með_Vættum

From the Realms of the Far North, an Army of six Icelanders rushes towards Battle! Skálmöld was founded in August 2009 and has since then become the biggest metal act in Iceland. The band’s Debut album, “Baldur” was released late 2010 and was immediately a huge success, both with the metal scene and the more mainstream crowd. Skálmöld then released ...

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Amon Amarth post ‘As Loke Falls’ lyric video

Norse mythology themed metallers Amon Amarth have released a new lyric video. The featured song, As Loke Falls, is taken from the band’s latest release Deceiver of the Gods which was released earlier this year. Check out the new video below! The band have also revealed that they are currently in the final stages of finishing their next music video ...

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TÝR release new single, ‘Mare of My Night’

TÝR have revealed a brand new track from their upcoming album, Valkyrja. The new song, titled Mare of My Night, has been revealed to have some significance for vocalist/guitarist Heri Joenson. Check out what he had to say about the track: “Mare Of My Night was by far the most difficult song on the album to write, music wise. What I ...

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TÝR reveal new single

Viking metallers TÝR have revealed the first single from their upcoming album. The new track, titled Blood of Heroes, will open the band’s seventh studio album, Valkyrja, which also sees their first release through Metal Blade Records. Valkyrja has been described as: “A concept album with a story line based loosely around an anonymous Viking age warrior who leaves his woman ...

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Amon Amarth unleash first part of new documentary

Viking metallers Amon Amarth have posted the first segment of their 3 part documentary, Forging Mjölnir, celebrating the release of the band’s ninth studio album, Deceiver of the Gods. Fans can log onto the album’s own mini-site with their Facebook accounts and choose to fight the side of either Thor or Loki before watching the first part of the documentary. Check ...

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