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Vader, Immolation, Monument of Misanthropy, The Drowning

The Rebellion, Manchester. 11th April 2017. It’s always fun going to new places for gigs however The Rebellion is such a great venue with an atmosphere you can nearly taste. It has little pockets of space dotted around the building, it’s like a Tardis when you enter and it’s got a good-sized stage; that all the bands made good use of, in fact, ...

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Fumigation / The Path to R’lyeh - Invasion

Review: Fumigation / The Path to R’lyeh – Invasion

Tracklist: FUMIGATION Arachnophobia Forced Vaginal Harbourage Earwigs & Earwax A Beard Full of Maggots THE PATH TO R’LYEH Dream Eater The Book Made of Human Skin Extra-Terrestrial Abomination Y’ha-ntlei’s Awakening   Fumigation Already there is that anticipation building and intensifying ready to make your brain explode although this sounds quite experimental than death metal at least at the start, however, ...

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Gurt - Skullossus

Review: Gurt – Skullossus

First track ‘Welcome to The Shit’ is a wake-up call and definitely makes you think as the sampled voice plays out to an eerie tune that fades in and out. Next track ‘Gimme the Night Any Day’ takes the task in hand and delivers on full throttle. There is however a teeny weeny bit of tongue in cheek on ‘Battlepants’, I mean there ...

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Varg - Götterdämmerung

Review: Varg – Götterdämmerung (God’s Dawn)

Immediately you can feel that vibe as German metallers Varg take to the speakers and rip you a new one. That Pagan beat and melodic groove that allows you to flirt with it before it takes control of your very being is just ground-breaking. Vocally seething and raw it bites like a champion pit bull, however, it does contain its ...

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Bitterfeldt - Götzen.Dämmerung

Review: Bitterfeldt – Götzen.Dämmerung

The stark reality of this band hits you straight between the eyes as soon as the play button is released. The dark, anxious strides of rhythm plumb out like billowing smoke fumes turns into a track called ‘Nordlicht’, which for the few people who do know ‘ein bischen deutch’ means ‘north light’. The track is sun ‘auf deutsch’ which makes ...

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Review: Crnkshft – Crnkshft

Oh yeah, this is like the music that appears in my dreams – along with a lot of other genres, however, this raucous, heavy, bone-shaking madness is top of the list and first track ‘Systematic’ just does the trick! It wraps its harsh melodies around your head never mind your ears and weaves its own turmoil. It’s catchy and solid ...

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Ministry - Sphinctour

RAMzine Classic Album: Ministry – Sphinctour

Did you know that Ministry were once a new wave synth pop outfit driven by Al Jourgenson in 1981? The 80’s were a time for synthesisers and saw Ministry change their style to become one of the leading industrial metal bands of the 80’s. Their success was made paramount in the early naughty nineties when they released their fifth studio ...

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Blood Divisions - Cardinal One

Review: Blood Divisions – Cardinal One

Founded by core members Chris Jericho (Fozzy, WWE), David Austin (Nasty Savage), and Ed Aborn (Intersonic Cyber Symphony), Blood Divisions features a roster of supporting musicians who are current or former members of bands such as Obituary, Death, Nasty Savage, Six Feet Under, Iced Earth, Sebastian Bach, Deicide, Massacre, Trans-Siberian Orchestra, and more. The result is a mixture of classics ...

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Comaniac - Return to the Wasteland

Review: Comaniac – Return to the Wasteland

It isn’t typical thrash, at least not vocal-wise and there are some strange whisperings and unusual sounds embedded into the track ‘Coal’ with fantastic biting riffs and rhythms that make it a pleasant listening experience. ‘Suborned’ is very typical of its genre in places as it races away taking pleasure in skimming past the ears at a rate of knots. ‘Bow ...

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Dante’s Theory Amut

Review: Dante’s Theory – Amut

If there is one thing that some of the guys do in Singapore, it’s rattling out some amazing music. You don’t somehow imagine that a country like Singapore could muster up such amazing pieces of writing, but they do! At least Dante’s Theory does, first track ‘Qiamat Heretics’ is proof of that. The vocal scorches with unfathomable rhythms and salacious beats ...

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