Viva La Revolution ‘Go Big or Go Home’ EP Review

I am going to stop being sent these soon; most of my reviews seem to have some kind of negative undertones.  Sometimes they are...

Review: When We Were Wolves – Heartless

Bouncy. Thats how this starts. Bouncy and Fast. So what are you gonna do? You're gonna mosh and bash your face against a brick...

Golden Tanks ‘R.D.H.B’

You can download Goldne tanks 5 track E.P  'R.D.H.B' for FREE at Reading based band Golden Tanks released a new E.P entitled R.D.H.B. The...
Seven Stories High - Deadweight

Review: Seven Stories High – Deadweight

Pop-Punk kids, now is your time to fix up, look sharp and listen, as you may be about to discover a new favourite band...
Hell's Gazelles

Hell’s Gazelles set to release Take Your Medicine EP

Oxford's Hell's Gazelles are a bombastic 'n' hard-working troupe of balls-to-the-walls rockers consisting of vocalist Cole Bryant with Nath Digman on guitar, Rik Ridemark...
The Xcerts

The Xcerts had a Late One

Hailing from Scotland, though you'd never be able to tell with their unaccented vocals and no bagpipes insight rockers, The Xcerts, release an acoustic...

Review: All To Ruin – Among Us

Yet another band with a name that makes you hope it doesn't extend to their music. From Port Talbot, South Wales. All To Ruin formed...
Pastoratet THLM

Punk Rockers Pastoratet release THLM

When listening to Pastoratet's THLM one thing immediately becomes apparent, how music is able to cross borders and language barriers to connect with listeners. Haling...

Sein/Zeit is anything but run-of-the-mill black metal by Barshasketh and Outre

Having the excellent Scottish black metal combo Barshasketh team up with Poland's sinister and experimental outfit Outre is a brilliant move. We are talking...