Thursday, April 18, 2024
Glory, Glory, to the World

LOVEBITES Deliver the Glory

Fearlessness & theatrical — like a firedrake trapped in a catacomb, struggling to break free. This is the most exciting that classic rock can be...

Review: Trepalium – Damballa Voodoo Doll

It's not often you come across a band like Trepalium. One struggles to define what sub genre this band falls under. The closest approximation...

Review: The Final Chapter – Entropy

The Final Chapter 'Entropy' was released 10th April 2015. Here is out track-by-track review: Dawn A superb opening track that simply possesses an eerie atmosphere, capturing...

Eccentric avantgarde geniuses Vulture Industries unearth Deeper

The wonderfully eccentric avantgarde geniuses that are Vulture Industries recently unearthed this 2-track 7" vinyl single, and if you consider yourself a fan of...
Taake and Whoredom Rife

Norwegian black metal stalwarts Taake and Whoredom Rife team up for split EP

Norwegian black metal stalwarts Taake and Whoredom Rife recently teamed up for this superb split EP entitled Pakt consisting of four glorious compositions (two...

Half-Life show no signs of decay on EP ‘I’ve Got To Survive’.

Many bands earn their spurs playing covers in venues of, shall we say, questionable suitability. Been there, done that back in ’79 at Tudhoe...

Review: John Taglieri – True Believer EP

New Jersey born John Taglieri was raised on everything from The Beatles to Black Sabbath. He made his debut with the full length Leap...
Seasons Hollow – To Suffocate Silence

Review: Seasons Hollow – To Suffocate Silence (EP)

Seasons Hollow are currently a small band looking to create a big impact. The five-piece that call Hereford their home have been working away...

Paragnosis – Clarity In Three (Redux)

Paragnosis... The obtaining of knowledge through an external source. But then you knew this already, didn’t you? Most musicians start off with just instruments, then...
Into the Storm/Smooth Sailing

Into the Storm/Smooth Sailing split EP

Spilt EP's are always interesting to review. They are something of a rarity these days, and are undoubtedly a risk, as there is so...