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Darkest Hour are back to their rip-snorting best on this, their ninth studio album, which has been paid for as part of a hugely successful Crowd Funding Campaign; having smashed the target set to fans in record time. For a band who are nine albums deep into a career, they are certainly going for it all guns blazing. They are taking charge with a new label in tow and a work ethic that see’s them pushing forward with their unique blend of metal.

From the off this album pounds your ears on every level, drawing on their history of hardcore styling mixed with heavy riff’s and punk’s angriness it’s fair to see how they have managed to stay together as a band when lots of acts in a similar vein have fallen by the wayside. There are even lending’s from death metal/Scandinavian sounds which I feel will give this album a bigger reach as this American modern metal band strike out to build and sustain a future in a world that is consistently changing.

The whole album is pack to the rafters with hooks and riff’s that will get any pit spinning uncontrollably and for me the stand out tracks are: ‘This Is The Truth’ for the guitar solos in it, and the moshtastic ‘The Flesh & The Flowers Of Death’ which I’m sure live will crush it!!

Darkest Hour Godless Prophets & The Migrant Flora is out 10th March 2017 via Southern Lord.

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