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Being As An Ocean ‘Dear G-d’ Album Review

What really pisses me off these days is how certain bands and individuals can relentlessly churn out musical garbage, devoid of any emotional content. What ever happened to music being about expression yourself in an artistic way, as opposed to just putting in some loops and expression how much you want to bang someone?

Being As An Ocean are guilty of none of the sins mentioned above. I am not as in to hardcore as many of the people reading this will be, but even I am fully aware that this album is nothing short of a masterpiece.

Each song is as well-crafted as you could possibly want; singer Joel Quartuccio is a true master of his art, screaming and bellowing his heart-rending lyrics with genuine emotion, and when a clean singing passage is unleashed it comes close to bringing a tear to the eye.

Don’t worry all you die-hard hardcore fans, there is precision heaviness thrown in as well. The Hardest Part is Forgetting Those You Swore You Would Never Forget has riffs of pounding aggression, and the breakdown in Humble Servant, Am I made me want to throw my cat out the window. And I don’t even own a cat.

Encased in this 11-track album of emotion, heaviness, aggression, melody and excellent songwriting are the dreams of five guys from California who wish to make music their entire lives. Not to make money, not to become the next big thing, but because they have a message. Because they love it. I’m just glad they’re bringing us along for the ride.


Being As An Ocean can be found on Facebook here or on their official website

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