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RAMzine Senior Writer - Writer of fiction, faction and fact, has edited several newsstand magazines. He declares himself a hack for hire but refuses to compromise on the subject of music.
Eden’s Curse

The Living Testament of Paul Logue from Eden’s Curse

With the release of Testament – The Best Of Eden’s Curse, being guests at the recent Michael Schenker Fest and about to embark on their own UK tour in March, the multi-national Eden’s Curse are preparing to head out on their own headline tour this April. Despite which, Paul Logue, the band’s bass player and main songwriter, took time out ...

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Cargo (The Original Motional Picture Soundtrack) – Thorsten Quaeschning

Released via Invisible Hands Music, Thorsten Quaeschning has produced the soundtrack to this thriller movie alone, but it sounds very much like the film music pioneered by Tangerine Dream – the band he now fronts – when they began developing so productively into that area back in the 80s. Written and directed by James Dylan and starring Ron Thompson in ...

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John Lodge

Moody Blues’ John Lodge Solo Tour

The Moody Blues’ John Lodge: The 10,000 Light Years Tour will see the legendary bass player, songwriter and vocalist John Lodge perform select solo dates through the UK this April. A recent inductee into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame and recipient of numerous awards including an Ivor Novello, Birmingham born Lodge has sold more than 70 million records ...

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Steve Hackett

Steve Hackett Interview & Songs

Steve Hackett has just released ‘Beasts in Our Time’ the third single to be taken from his new album At the Edge of Light released on 25th January. “The track ‘Beasts In Our Time’ is the main thrust of this album, exposing fear, greed and intolerance,” said Hackett. “The eagle in the video symbolises the hatred and violence which nationalism breeds… And the ...

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Yarn of the Wicked

Yarn of the Wicked is a collaboration between members of Sauron and Misanthropic Rage and with their first EP, Lore * Anne – Released through Pagan Records – not gone the expected death metal route but endeavoured to explore the intersection of 60s-70s prog rock with 70s horror films. Inspired by and dedicated to Anne de Boissy and Lore Fournier – ...

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Evergrey Cross The Atlantic

Following 2016’s international hit album The Storm Within, Sweden’s Evergrey has a busy year planned for 2019, and that includes UK dates, following the release of a new album and single from the dark and melodic progressive metal band. New single ‘A Silent Arc’ is out now, and you can watch the video for it right here at RAMzine. New studio ...

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Rise & Slay with Billybio

Hardcore/thrash guitarist/vocalist Billy Graziade – of Biohazard and Powerflo fame – has gone solo under the nom de plume Billybio recently releasing his debut Feed The Fire through AFM Records, and now he’s brough out a new single from it called ‘Rise And Slay’. Immersing himself in the sounds, perspective, and culture of the punk underground, Graziadei’s desire to create ...

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Herman Frank

Herman Frank Fights the Fear

Former Accept and Victory guitarist Herman Frank, has a new album out in the New Year. It’s called Fight The Fear and goes on sale 8th February through AFM Records. With a solo career that began back in 2009, having previously released three other solo albums, Frank has also been busy as a record producer, and with his latest heavy ...

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Valley Queen

Valley Queen’s Supergiant Goes Global

LA’s Valley Queen has signed to Riot Records for the worldwide release of their debut album Supergiant. Formed as far back as 2011, the band released a series of singles, followed by an EP in 2017.  Vocalist/guitarist Natalie Carol and bass player Neil Wogensen the only consistent before the return of original guitarist Shawn Morones and addition of Mike DeLuccia ...

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The Lazys

Lazys Play UK

Canadian based Aussie band The Lazys – who took a detour along the way to the USA – will be heading out on tour across Europe next year, with gigs in the UK lined up. Featuring Leon Harrison (vocals), Matty Morris (lead guitar), Glenn Williams (bass), Liam Shearer (rhythm guitar), Andy Nielsen (drums) The Lazys’ career has rocketed after moving halfway across the world, ...

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