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Architects unleash ‘Doomsday’

Architects have released a new single titled ‘Doomsday’, the first since the death of guitarist and founding member Tom Searle, a little over 1 year ago, after a 3-year battle with cancer. He was aged 28. Tweeting about the single soon after release, drummer Dan Searle wrote about the background to the track, and that while it was not to ...

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Hundred Suns - The Prestaliis

Review: Hundred Suns – The Prestaliis

Hundred Sun, are a three piece made up of ex-Every Time I Die, Dead and Divine and current Norma Jean members. With that background it would be easy to go into debut album, The Prestallis, with a preconceived notion of what to expect. While elements of each band are inescapably there, there is also something new on display, less hard ...

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Sikth - The Future in Whose Eyes

Review: Sikth – The Future in Whose Eyes?

Sikth, the Hertfordshire sextet have returned from their 2008 hiatus with their first full-length since 2006’s Death of a Dead Day. To state new release The Future in Whose Eyes? is perhaps the most anticipated release of the year would be doing it a large degree of injustice. Since their hiatus the progressive metal/djent movement they are considered the godfathers of ...

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A Few Too Many - A Lesson Learned

Review: A Few Too Many – A Lesson Learned

A Lesson Learned is the debut album from Essex-based pop-punkers A Few Too Many. The eleven tracks that make up ‘A Lesson Learned’ claim to be full of heavy hitting pop punk anthems, and while there is certainly no doubting the enthusiasm that has gone into this, there is, unfortunately, very little else here that could suggest A Few Too Many ...

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New Found Glory - Makes Me Sick

Review: New Found Glory – Makes Me Sick

New Found Glory celebrate their 20 year anniversary (just let that sink in) with the release of their ninth studio album Makes Me Sick. I wanted to like this album, really, but after listening to Makes Me Sick I went back and revisited 2000’s New Found Glory and 2002’s Sticks and Stones and felt that this new release was a step back, rather ...

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Erja Lyytinen - Stolen Heart

Review: Erja Lyytinen – Stolen Heart

Hailing from Kuopio, Finland, responsible for 80’s heavy metal band Tarot and members of Nightwish, Erja Lyytinen releases her tenth studio album, Stolen Hearts. Stolen Hearts is an eclectic collection of tracks, throwing together a mix of rock, blues and pop into something unlike anything else I have heard before. Track 4 ‘24 Angels’ is a perfect example of this, starting ...

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Provoker - The Long Defeat

Review: Provoker – The Long Defeat

If I could describe The Long Defeat in one word it would be atmospheric. This debut five track EP from Provoker is good, very good, and perhaps that is down, in part, to a niggling notion throughout that, as good as it is through speakers and headphones, it very much needs to be seen live to be truly appreciated. And ...

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Johnossi Blood Jungle

Review: Johnossi – Blood Jungle

Johnossi, a seemingly unusual choice for a publication that specialises in rock and metal, but all the same the Swedish duo are renowned for their adaptability and their fifth studio album Blood Jungle is no different. Maintaining their unique framework of blending pop, rock and elements of dance Johnossi have continued to expand on that and, with Blood Jungle, create something ...

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In Flames - Battles

In Flames 2017 UK Tour

With the release of In Flames’ twelfth album Battles last month, In Flames announced a tour of the U.S, Canada and the U.K. After a haul around the States and Canada they come to the U.K in support of Avenged Sevenfold! The U.K leg of the tour starts in Scotland on the 10th of January and will work its way down ...

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In Flames - Battles

Review: In Flames – Battles

Considering that In Flames are a band that have been writing and producing music for 26 years you may be forgiven for wondering how they would keep from stagnating, yet on the verge of releasing their twelfth studio album Battles they are, yet again, showing they have the potential to produce something that is both exciting and engaging. Battles is that rare ...

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