Photo Credit - Toby White

Krysthla unleash ‘A War Of Souls And Desires’ with success!

Northamptonshire Metallers Krysthla released their new album ‘A War Of Souls And Desires’ last week! The band had broke into Amazon’s Top 20 Metal pre-order chart a few weeks ago alongside the new Iron Maiden and Disturbed albums. Since then Krysthla have been trending in HMV and overall had a great response to their debut album. This is new British ...

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Review: Butserfest 2015

Butserfest: The UK’s biggest alcohol and drug free festival. I should have known that this was more of a youth event; what person in their right mind would choose to go to an outdoor music festival at which one cannot have a nice cold lager? Don’t get me wrong, I am not one to get tanked up and fighty, but ...

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RAMzine Issue 5

RAMzine – Issue 5 – Bloodstock & Bowling For Soup!

What a month! What a summer! We sure have been busy! From Bloodstock in Derbyshire, all the way to MetalDays in Slovenia! This may just be our best issue yet. We have celebrated the old, looking back at Marylin Manson, and Rainbow in our RAMzine Classic’s reviews. We also showcase the new, as we talk to Adam Leader of In ...

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Bulletproof Rose

HRH Highway to Hell VI — Sheffield Live Report

Each year the fabulous people at HRH arrange and deliver a superb competition. It’s Britain’s ‘Rock Factor’. Hundreds of bands go through the preliminary stages. But only a few make it to the final round. And the final two days of the competition is a weekend of mind-blowing creativity, hectic showmanship, a lot of schmoozing, and of course, some epic ...

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Interview: Atreyu at Reading Festival

RAMzine caught up with Brandon Saller  (Drums/Vocals) and Porter McKnight (Bass) of Atreyu, prior to their performance at Reading Festival 2015. As RAMzine readers will know we caught up with the band in our June issue for an interview that looked in detail at the bands forth coming album ‘Long Live’. View June issue here. Reading Festival was a great ...

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nameless ghoul ghost

Interview: A Nameless Ghoul of Ghost at Reading Festival

RAMzine spoke to a Nameless Ghoul at Reading Festival 2015, prior to the bands headline set on ‘The Pit’ stage. ‘Meliora’ is the 3rd album to be released by the band. The album has stormed charts across the globe having gone straight to number 1 in both Sweden and Finland, and landing at Number 8 in the USA, and top ...

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Anvil at MetalDays 2015. Photo by Victoria Purcell

Interview with Lips of Anvil

Victoria Purcell (VP) caught up with Lips of Canadian heavy metal band Anvil, at MetalDays Festival in Slovenia. Anvil have been around since the late 70’s. In their early days they jumped between record labels, building a fan base that included members of Motörhead, and Anthrax. They were well know in the industry early on, and it has even been ...

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Anvil at MetalDays 2015. Photo by Victoria Purcell.

A brief history lesson from Lips of Anvil

Victoria Purcell caught up with Lips of Canadian heavy metal band Anvil, at MetalDays Festival 2015, in Slovenia. See the full interview here. During the interview we were discussing the fact that Anthrax and Megadeath have been recorded a lot over the years (in interviews) saying that Anvil were a band that influenced them. Lips explained “All that happened was that ...

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Interview: ArnoCorps at Bloodstock 2015

Not that many people know that there are bands on at Bloodstock Open Air on Thursday too. This year is no different. So who better to headline Thursday than ‘The Greatest Band Of All Time’ ArnoCorps? We caught up with all five…I mean six members of ArnoCorps to talk about why they haven’t played a festival before, the misconceptions about ...

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Rob Zombie feat

Bloodstock 2015 Highlights: Sunday

Sunday  – the last day of the festival. A day where we look back on the best times this weekend and make the most of our last few hours at Bloodstock. But it’s not over yet! We have a full day of rock ‘n’ roll debauchery ahead of us. This morning we are greeted by London groove-metallers Skarthia on the ...

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