Yellowtooth ‘Disgust’ Album Review

Take a bit of Clutch’s Blast Tyrant album, mix that with copious amounts of fuzz, some Weedeater and then maybe take George Fisher’s vocals but with added Southern seasoning, and you have something close to Disgust. Throughout the whole album the influences from other doom and stoner bands are pretty evident and in your face, especially Clutch. I know I ...

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Autumn Owls ‘Between Buildings, Toward The Sea’ Album Review

Autumn Owls formed and began preparing ideas in 2007, when the Dublin three-piece of Gary McFarlane (guitar, vocals), Adam Browne (bass) and Will Purtill (drums) began writing and recording in a converted shed. Autumn Owls recorded their first full-length album ‘Between Buildings, Toward The Sea’ in April 2012, working with Brian Deck (Califone, Modest Mouse, Iron and Wine) in Chicago. ...

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Bowling For Soup/The Dollyrots/Patent Pending ‘One Big Happy’ Album Review

First off, I love pop-punk. I honestly do. It’s hilarious, and it’s happy. This new release from Bowling For Soup, The Dollyrots and Patent Pending, in which they all do covers of each others’ songs is one big mash-up of bouncy, American, fun-filled goodness. Each band does three tracks which were originally recorded by one of the other bands. First up, let’s ...

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Hard Rock Hell Pre-Review 2012

Here at RAMzine we love our classic rock. And what better way to celebrate the fine art of rock than with a trip to the UKs best hard rock festival, Hard Rock Hell. With a phenominal line up this year with the King of power screaming Sebastian Bach on the top of the bill along with glam rock god Ace ...

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Deserted Fear ‘My Empire ’ Album Review

Deserted Fear is a Death Metal Band from Eisenberg/Thuringia, Germany. Formed in 2008, they recorded their first demo in 2010 and started to play live the same year. In the later part of 2011 they went into the studio to record their début album ‘ My Empire’. The band signed to FDA REKOTZ for the release of their album, which ...

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Dying featus

Dying Fetus @ O2 Academy3, Birmingham

Dying Fetus. The mere mention of their name is enough to put most people off. However to those who can see the beauty in death metal they are the top dogs, exceeded only by perhaps their New York brothers Cannibal Corpse. As if the simple aspect of their presence wasn’t enough, following them on their European tour are an entourage ...

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Saturnian ‘Dimensions’ Album Review

Beginning at the beginning, like any story told, is a flamboyant instrumental track layered with choir singing that leads your mind through an symphonic star wars, towards the second track where this album by Saturnian truly begins, ‘Into Etheria’. This then explodes into powerful blast beats accompanied with the majestic voice of Wilson who resembles the sound of Shagrath of ...

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muse album cover


It’s new, it’s different and it’s a little bit mental – but it’s undeniably Muse. For an album being teased as “christian gangsta rap jazz odyssey, with some ambient rebellious dubstep and face melting metal flamenco cowboy psychedelia”, it’s hard to accurately anticipate just how Muse’s sixth studio album The 2nd Law is going to sound before you actually give ...

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My Jerusalem ‘Preachers’ Album Review

“Preachers” is the second full-length release from ‘My Jerusalem’ –  the gothic-soul outfit from Austin, Texas. Recorded in under three weeks by Spoon drummer Jim Eno (Heartless Bastards, Polica, Black Joe Lewis) this is the follow-up to My Jerusalem’s 2010 critically acclaimed debut, ‘Gone For Good’. Described by My Jerusalem founder and singer Jeff Klein as “ a beautiful, comforting ...

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mercury underground

Mercury Underground EP Review

Mercury Underground are based in Glasgow and definitely are not “just a rock band!” ranging from classic rock through to progressive and into fusion it’s just a unique blend of rock and more importantly it works! The band has supported such acts as Adrenalin Mob, Voodoo Six, Sick Puppies, Attica Rage and The Sword during their tour with Metallica. Gaining ...

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