Pierce The Veil & Woe Is Me @ Reading, Sub89

300 fans line-up the whole way around the corner of Readings Sub89, to get a good view of tonight’s California rockstars Pierce The Veil. Whilst queuing I text my photographer to see if he was near, and he reported he was on his way, and had overheard one fan confirm that lead singer Vic Futures smelled really nice. From here ...

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Hacride – ‘Back To Where You’ve Never Been’

Hacride is a French heavy metal band. Formed in 2001, the project now comprises of Adrien Grousset (guitar and composition), Benoist Danneville (bass) with Florent Marcadet on drums and Luiss Roux (taking over from Samuel Bourreau) on vocals. Franck Hueso is the producer and sound-engineer – and is credited with being the fifth member. Their fourth album “Back To Where ...

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Amorphis – Circle

Circle, the new album by the melancholic metal masters AMORPHIS, takes you on a dark story of an unfortunate man, who is invited to a circle and receives strength from the old Finnish gods. We are introduced to Shades Of Gray first, which has maximum energy with roaring death vocals and opens up the albums story describing the sounds and ...

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the great escape

The Great Escape Festival Review 2013

With some absolutely incredible acts to see, like Swim Deep at The Audio, Arcane Roots at the Concorde 2 and Dingus Khan at The Hope – this year’s Great Escape in Brighton was always going to be massive. Tremendous bands to discover, huge expectations to be satisfied, enormous distances to be covered, immense excitement anticipated, and large amounts of alcohol ...

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the black dali murder everblack

The Black Dahlia Murder – Everblack

In recent years The Black Dahlia Murder have worked hard and done well at making themselves one of the underground metal scene’s biggest names. They’ve consistently put out good albums and have always been a driving force within that scene. So, with that in mind how does ‘Everblack’ stand up to their impressive back catalogue? Have they come unstuck? Is ...

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Awaken – Awaken

“One of the quintessential metal bands of our time” was how Kerrang! magazine once described American band Lazarus, before they were finally laid to rest, but three members have risen from their ashes under the name of Awaken: Glenn DaGrossa (vocals/guitar), Nick D’Alessandro (drums) and Freddy Villano (who also played bass with Quiet Riot and Widowmaker) form the core of ...

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below - lantern

Lantern – Below

LANTERN was formed in summer 2007 by Cruciatus, in the eve of Cacodaemon’s death. The line-up changes necessary for Cruciatus’ work to proceed didn’t leave the moniker Cacodaemon rights to exist under even a slightly different sound. Thus LANTERN barged in as a completely new entity, risen from the shambles of an elder beast. An old friend, namely Necrophilos swore ...

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Imprecation – Satanae Tenebris Infinita

Imprecation decided to part ways in 1998. In 2002, Ruben, Phil, Wes and Dave reunite to play the ‘Infernal Horde of Manifestation’ Fest in Houston, Texas. Bass player, Mark Beecher, was not available to play in this event. The show was recorded live and released on cassette, which successfully sold 100 tapes. …. Now years later, they return again! Here ...

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mechanical swan

Mechanical Swan – Black Dawn Romance

Mechanical Swan a band that are said to combine the power of Hard Rock and Heavy Metal with an orchestra and electronica. With that description this album certainly caught our eye. Here is our track-by-track review of Mechanical Swans newest release ‘Black Dawn Romance’. No more tears to Cry So far so good, those simple melodic keyboard notes come fluctuating ...

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slam dunk review

Slam Dunk South Review

What an incredible Festival, this is probably one of the luckiest Festivals in the UK. For the past two years the weather has been perfect for the onslaught of phenomenal live Bands from all over the world. It’s pretty unheard of for a festival to hand out stage times of all the bands playing on the day as you usually ...

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