ugly kid joe

Live Review: Ugly Kid Joe @ Hard Rock Hell

Ugly Kid Joe – Stage 1 – Saturday Team RAM went down to Hard Rock Hell in Hafan Y Mor, Pwhelli (Wales) to check out the headliners of Saturday night’s antics, Ugly Kid Joe. From what we witnessed, there was not a better choice than the Californian rockers who have graced us with head banging tunes for the past twenty ...

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Live Review: Testament @ Hard Rock Hell

Probably the most underrated band in the world, Testament hit the stage at Hard Rock Hell on the Saturday evening and proceeded to utterly tear the place apart with their high octane thrash metal. Opening song “Rise Up”, with its amazing main riff and stunning guitar work really brought the festival to life. The band’s enigmatic frontman Chuck Billy was ...

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The Dogs D'Amour

Live Review: The Dogs D’Amour @ Hard Rock Hell

If you’re looking for a band with sleaze, blues and attitude, then The Dogs D’Amour are the band for you. They took the stage at Hard Rock Hell on the Friday evening to an expectant crowd, who were waiting for their heroes to perform. The band were indeed filled with sleaze and blues and attitude, however something seemed to be ...

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molly hatchet

Live Review: Molly Hatchet @ Hard Rock Hell

Southern rock may be led by bands like Black Stone Cherry these days, however along with Lynyrd Skynyrd, Molly Hatchet started it all. This legendary band were a wonderful addition to the bill, and always deliver live. This night was no exception. The synchronicity between the members of the band was just simply amazing. The way they moved around the ...

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breed 77

Live Review: Breed 77 @ Hard Rock Hell

One of the most original bands around today, Breed 77 took the stage at Hard Rock Hell on the Sunday afternoon with a serious point to prove. They experienced a peak in popularity in 2004 with their seminal record “Cultura”, and it looks as if their 2013 release “The Evil Inside” is just as highly anticipated. Taking the stage with ...

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fozzy review

Live Review: Fozzy @ Hard Rock Hell

Stage 1 was buzzing with anticipation as Chris Jericho and his band Fozzy were taking the stage. Their unique brand of classic metal with a modern twist has been a massive hit with the metal press here, and latest album Sin and Bones has had good reviews all round. Now was the time for them to deliver in the live ...

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dr feelgood

Live Review: Dr Feelgood @ Hard Rock Hell

Legends. Icons. Heroes. These monikers are thrown around needlessly these days, but every so often, a band comes along that truly deserves them. Dr Feelgood are one of these bands. These legendary blues rock and rollers have been going for over 40 years now, and judging from their show at Hard Rock Hell on the Sunday night, they show no ...

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little c

Live Review: Little Caesar @ Hard Rock Hell

Little Caesar – Stage 1 – Saturday After the sterling performance by Blackfoot, the next group had a lot to live up to. Little Caesar hit the stage with a mass of energy and charisma. Their raucous, raunchy sound blared through the speakers making it near impossible not to stand up and move to the beat. The reception was warm ...

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Live Review: JettBlack @ Hard Rock Hell

With frontman Will Stapleton away on the War of the Worlds tour, many thought JettBlack may pull out of Hard Rock Hell 2012. However, they stuck to their guns and enlisted the help of Liam Lever to fill in for Will for this show. What a sterling job they did. Launching into opening number “Get Your Hands Dirty”, JettBlack showed ...

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the quireboys

Live Review: The Quireboys @ Hard Rock Hell

The Quireboys – Stage 1 – Saturday The Quireboys we welcomed back to Hard Rock Hell with open arms after their last performance at the festival was such a blast. Their hit songs ‘Mona Lisa Smile’ and ‘It’s 7 o’ Clock’ engaged the biggest reaction from the crowd and got everyone off their seats. Frontman Spike danced around in a ...

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