The Darkness ‘Hot Cakes’ Review

10 years ago it seemed like rock was dead: nu-metal was getting more cringe-worthy by the second and Nickleback had a hit single in the UK top 10. All hope was lost until 2003 a glimmer of hope for the Hard Rock scene… … A band whose front man was wearing striped spandex jumpsuits supporting the likes of Def Leppard ...

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New Riot ‘Raising the Stakes’ Album Review

A few months ago I had the pleasure of reviewing New Riot’s single release Live Fast, Die Young, which in my mind was a triumph in terms of the great balance the single had between Pop Punk mixed with top notch and very well thought out Brass riffs. The song was very anthemic in terms of excellent uplifting sounds coupled ...

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Dew Scented – “Icarus” review

This has been a damn hard review to write. There is nothing particularly wrong with this album. It is a perfectly polished, tightly put together piece of thrash, bordering slightly into death metal. It gets off to a brilliantly heavy start, and mostly keeps that up for the entire album. You can’t fault technicality here, it’s a well put together ...

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Reel Big Fish “Candy Coated Fury” Review

When you see the name Reel Big Fish, you’re going to think of high quality, mad and eventful gigs full of bright colours punctuated with the horns of ska. Either that, or you going to be confused. What is this fish, and indeed how big is it? For just over twenty years, Reel Big Fish have been soldiering on. Candy ...

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The Gaslight Anthem

The Gaslight Anthem ‘Handwritten’ Review

The first thing heard upon listening to The Gaslight Anthem’s fourth album is confidence. Handwritten is the album of a band that has settled comfortably with their own sound, the changes being taken by the band found in the tone of the album. Brian Fallon has written an intensely personal record, one that contains examples of the band at their ...

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While She Sleeps ‘This Is The Six’ Album Review

From the moment While She Sleeps released ‘Dead Behind the Eyes’ as a free download, their unnamed album became one of the most anticipated metal records of 2012. The boys from Steel City have managed to build an army of followers off the back of a mini-album, and wherever you go, kids are wearing their famous WSS emblem t-shirt. Now ...

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Testament ‘Dark Roots of Earth’ review

Testament are probably one of the most underrated bands in the entire world. Coming out of the Bay Area thrash scene in the early 80s along with bands such as Metallica and Slayer, and releasing such classic albums as “The Gathering” and “The Legacy” they have often been somewhat in the shadow of these higher selling bands. However, with this ...

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Butser Fest

Butserfest Pre-Review 2012

You may think festival season stops at the end of August, but if you think the party’s over you are truly misinformed. With this years’ summer festivals being a bit of a drag, we all remember the mud plains of Download Festival, and the cancellation of Sonisphere, so it’s the smaller festivals that are coming out on top and Petersfield’s ...

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Hevy Fest

Hevy Festival 2012 Review

If I could sum up Hevy Fest 2012 in one sentence… I’d be out of a job, but more importantly I’d be doing this year’s festival no justice what so ever. In the run up to the festival I was deliberating the chances of a niche line up along with forty days and forty nights of torrential flooding and squelchy ...

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HEVYfront banner

Hevy Festival Pre-Review

Festivals come thick and fast during the summer months in the UK, but none with more of a spirited growth such as this year’s Hevy Fest. In its fourth year now, the festival boasts a large following for any Rock or Metal fan; converging in the fields of Port Lympne Wild Animal Park in Kent in its most recent years, ...

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