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The Xcerts

The Xcerts – Wildheart Dreaming

With both a supporting tour and a massive headlining tour coming up, Scottish rockers The Xcerts are a band we’ll hopefully hear a lot from in 2019. The first thing we get is a four track EP titled Wildheart Dreaming, a lyric taken from their hit song ‘Feels Like Falling In Love.’ What is Wildheart Dreaming exactly? To The Xcerts, it ...

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Hell's Gazelles

Hell’s Gazelles set to release Take Your Medicine EP

Oxford’s Hell’s Gazelles are a bombastic ‘n’ hard-working troupe of balls-to-the-walls rockers consisting of vocalist Cole Bryant with Nath Digman on guitar, Rik Ridemark on bass and Luke Evans on drums. Sometimes they can be cerebral, sometimes quite ferocious… but they are always tremendously exciting. They’ve banged their riff-tickling little hearts out at live events such as Bloodstock, Breaking Bands ...

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Cold Years

Review: Cold Years – Northern Blues

Britrock has had a tough couple of decades. In the nineties, we were producing bands like The Wildhearts, Terrorvision and The Manic Street Preachers. Sadly, recent years have seen that section of British music struggle to gain any traction. The occasional bright spot aside, we haven’t had big rock bands. Or at least we didn’t. Because the rock is beginning ...

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Best Ex - Ice Cream Anti Social

Review: Best Ex – Ice Cream Anti Social

Formerly known as Candy Hearts, Best Ex is the new project from Mariel Loveland. Except it’s not really a new project but more of a spiritual re-branding as they’ll continue to play Candy Hearts material. Whatever you call it, they’ve dropped their first EP, Ice Cream Anti Social, which sees them move away from bubblegum pop punk and into straight up pop ...

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Senses Fail - In Your Absence

EP Review: Senses Fail – In Your Absence

Senses Fail‘s latest offering In Your Absence is striking for several reasons. Firstly the lack of the band’s signature heavy sound, replaced by a much calmer, lighter acoustic tone. Secondly by the weight offered up by the lyrics. Vocalist Buddy Nielsen’s wife reportedly suffers from multiple sclerosis and there is a real sense on this EP that the gravity of ...

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Taco Hell - Retainer

EP Review: Taco Hell – Retainer

The idea that music has to be perfect is a plague on rock and roll. Over-produced and over-played albums have seen the genre lose its sense of freedom and in 2017 a lot of bands don’t even sound like bands. Instead, they are a selection of perfectly formed pieces slotted together. The flat pack furniture of the musical world. All ...

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Alter Eden - Tigers And Lambs

Review: Alter Eden – Tigers And Lambs

Myles Kennedy fronting Black Peaks is far too simplistic a description for Alter Eden. Yet, it’s hard to deny its usefulness as a shorthand for their rather distinctive sound. Technical metal with tinges of mathcore, but with a singer who wouldn’t be out of place on American rock radio belting over the top of it, it’s certainly not something you ...

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Review: Like Animals – Feral

If you took the riffs of Dillinger Escape Plan and blended them with alternative rock, you’d be getting close to experiencing Like Animals.  Their progressive rock sound brings to mind pre-Puzzle era Biffy Clyro and is at times as challenging as it is enjoyable. ‘Feral’ kicks things off with a hesitant riff that slowly builds into this layered rock song. ...

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EP Review – Suicide Silence – Sacred Words

Suicide Silence’s woes have been well documented over the last few years. The tragic death of Mitch Lucker would have knocked most bands down for ten, but they came firing back with the brilliant ‘You Can’t Stop Me’. ‘Sacred Words’ is a single from said album and comes packaged along with five other tracks or at least three live tracks ...

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Review: Will Haven – Open the Mind to Discomfort

There is music that is meant to be free. To be played in big open fields, among the sun and the flowers. Then there is stuff that is meant to be locked away, played in dingy clubs in front of angry people who just want to bang their head and exorcise their demons. Will Haven are very much in the ...

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