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Palace of the King – Get Right With The Maker

Palace of the King  have just released ‘I Am the Storm’, their second single from their new album Get Right With The Maker due out on 23rd March through Golden Robot Records. The full track listing for  Get Right With The Maker has now been revealed as ‘I Am The Storm’, ‘It’s Been A Long Time Coming’, ‘Sold Me Down the River’, ‘A Dog ...

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Palace Of The King – Its Been A Long Time Coming

Melbourne rockers Palace Of The King have released new single ‘It’s Been A Long Time Coming’ as a taster to their new album Get Right With Your Maker due out in 2018 through  Golden Robot Records. “Our new single ‘Its Been A Long Time Coming’ was actually the last song we recorded for the new album, said Palace Of The King singer/guitarist Tim Henwood. ...

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Live: Airbourne, The Electric Ballroom, London

In this day and age, we’ve all heard it on the radio, read it in a magazine or online, that Rock and Roll is dead in some way or another. How idiotic a statement it is though! Music traverses through ages and develops as it goes, sometimes for good, sometimes for bad. Monday and Tuesday night in London was proof ...

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Review: Palace Of The King – Valles Marineris

Last year, Australian rock n roll sextet, Palace Of The King, released their debut album White Bird/Burn The Sky. It was full of anthemic, feel-good tracks and was one of my favourite releases of 2015. Just a year down the line, we get their second instalment, Valles Marineris. Kicking off with that old-school organ sound and dropping into a tasty ...

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Why you should be excited about Palace Of The King

Last year, as if from out of nowhere, Aussie rockers, Palace of the King, came crashing onto the international music scene with their debut album White Bird/Burn The Sky (2015). Throwing more hooks than Rocky Balboa, the album was feel-good; it was exciting; it was fresh; it was put together incredibly well; and I fell in love with it, as ...

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