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RAMzine Senior Writer - With a career spanning 30 years author / journalist Neil Mach is an expert on the music business and is a reliable guide. He especially loves heavy metal, prog & blues.
touch stone

Touchstone ‘Oceans Of Time’

The argument continues. Punk killed Prog. Some say it did. Others are less certain. Some are of the opinion that prog rock just killed itself. Like an overstuffed, greedy banker – it died of a heart attack after a particularly corpulent, pushy-mouthed binge. It died of mindless over-consumption. It expired because of unchecked obesity. Too fat and too lazy to ...

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the safety fire

Interview with The Safety Fire

This month The Safety Fire will be touring North America with Between The Buried And Me, The Faceless and The Contortionist. The London UK based band first made a name for themselves with the release of their potent and well-received EP “Sections” in 2009. Their reputation as a powerfully energetic live band quickly followed. With their expansive atmospheres and soaring melodies, ...

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beech boys

The Beach Boys ‘Made In California’

The problem with a study of the Beach Boys is that their career has been so long – their production has been so prolific, and their legacy and achievements were so remarkable – that their story is not an easy task to tell. It is just way too big. And we all have a little piece of that incredible story ...

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Buffalo Clover ‘Test Your Love’

Once one of the most eclectic band in Nashville, ‘Buffalo Clover’ now feeds a more fitting hybrid of roots-rock and soul into the Music City bloodstream. Front lady Margo Price was born and raised in a small farming town in the Midwest, she practised and played her music locally, and soon found herself in Nashville, Tennessee – where she he ...

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children of bodom

Children of Bodom ‘Halo of Blood’

Formed in 1993 in Espoo, nr. Helsinki, Finland, Children of Bodom has built a rock solid reputation as one of the greatest melodic death metal bands in the world. The band is one of the best selling artists of all time in Finland – with more than 250,000 records sold in that country alone. The group currently consists of Alexi ...

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dehuman reign

Dehuman Reign ‘Destructive Intent’

Formed in 2011 in Berlin, Germany with the fierce determination to follow the path of original ‘Death Metal’ – the band ‘Dehuman Reign’ creates fast and raging old school metalwork without any modern influences or trends. They strive to attain pure, authentic and maleficent perfection. Their latest line-up was founded in March 2012, and it includes Alex on lead vocals, ...

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reckless love interview

Interview with Olli Herman of Reckless Love

Finnish glam-metallers Reckless Love started out on their wild ways as Reckless Life back in 2001 – playing Guns N’ Roses covers, before gaining success by writing and playing their own songs. They won the Kuopio Band Competition in 2004 – leading to a Scandinavian tour in 2005. Two years later, frontman Olli Herman moved temporarily to Crashdïet, the Swedish ...

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The Quireboys ‘Beautiful Curse’

We love The Quireboys. The band has been working hard (in one way or another) since 1984. You know what to expect with The Quireboys. Classic rock and a bit of blues. And a slice of glam here and there. There is no bone-splitting metallic sledge-hammering in the Quireboys repertoire. So do not expect the anguish and anger found in ...

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vintage trouble

Vintage Trouble LIVE @ St. Pancras Renaissance Hotel

Sandwiched neatly between shows with The Who and the Rolling Stones, the sensationally soulful four-man outfit Vintage Trouble from Hollywood, California played an informal acoustic gig this Tuesday in the Gothic Revivalist splendour of the St. Pancras Renaissance Hotel London – as part of the Renaissance Hotels RLife LIVE series. Kicking off the show with ‘Still And Always Will’ the ...

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Fuchsia II : from Psychedelia to a Distant place

This album is all about a journey. A journey that started out in the ‘Psychedelia’ of the late 1960’s London underground scene. To a ‘distant place’ – Australia in 2013. It is also about the journey of an album that disappeared in 1971 – but became a cult classic 40 years later. The British progressive folk-rock band ‘Fuchsia’ – founded ...

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