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RAMzine Senior Writer - With a career spanning 30 years author / journalist Neil Mach is an expert on the music business and is a reliable guide. He especially loves heavy metal, prog & blues.

ACM LONDON Richard Shaw Guitar Masterclass

The new Academy of Contemporary Music (ACM) London campus [based in Clapham] just opened its doors to new students in the past few weeks. The school differs from other traditional music academies by focussing on rock, pop and E.D.M. The Academy is justifiably proud of its professional approach and how it provides valuable networking events, workshops, showcases and audition opportunities ...

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Blues Pills - Lady in Gold Review

Review: Blues Pills – Lady in Gold

Imagine a band that sounds like a cross between Fleetwood Mac and Jefferson Starship – that is Blues Pills. They boast a singer who could reasonably be compared to Janis Joplin or Tina Turner, were it not for her ability to dive down the contralto range of an ice-cool voice to ‘how long can it go?’ depths, like Cher. The ...

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ALBANY DOWN Live at London’s 100 Club

The British blues-rock quartet ALBANY DOWN have announced their third studio album entitled THE OUTER REACH [to be published Friday 10 June] and last night the band played a special show in London’s legendary 100 Club in Oxford Street  to give their  fans and supporters “a sneaky peak” of the new songs. They also played a few carefully selected numbers from their ...

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Dan Reed Network

Interview with Dan Reed

The DNR [Dan Reed Network] was founded by Dan Reed in Portland, Oregon in 1984. They established themselves in the late 1980s-early 1990s. Their album The Heat reached #15 in the UK charts in July 1991. The band went on tour with the Rolling Stones, were signed to be on the Polydor label with band-mates such as Bon Jovi and ...

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Review: Massive – Destination Somewhere

MASSIVE are the giants of Melbourne based Australian rock. Having burst onto the scene in 2012 — within just six months the band were already playing a showcase in Los Angeles. Back home in Oz their reputation for being rock’s hardest road-warriors was cemented by their increasingly loaded and astonishingly frenzied stage performances. Over the years they have continued to ...

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Review: Tigertailz – Blast!

Ever since their 1990 album titled “Bezerk” the Glam-tastik Welsh band TIGERTAILZ have deteriorated faster than a loaf of crusty French bread eaten in a warm bath. It is not just that the kids these days are not into gaudy glitter any longer… No, it’s also because glam music is all about style ‘n’ pose over substance. And that kinda ...

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The Enid

Robert John Godfrey Announces Retirement from THE ENID

THE ENID are a progressive British rock group set up by former Barclay James Harvest music director and the Royal College of Music composer and pianist Robert John Godfrey. Founded in 1973, RJG is one of only two original members still present in the 2016 line-up (the long-serving drummer Dave Storey worked on the band’s debut album.) Other key members ...

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BFMV book

Book Review: ‘Bullet for my Valentine: Scream Aim Conquer’ by Ben Welch

A traditional Welsh Cawl is made by filling a pot with bacon pieces, leek, lamb chops, handfuls of oatmeal and spoons of flour, slices of potatoes, swede, carrots and other savory herbs. Then the stew-pot is left to bubble for a while. This way you earn interest and taste. It’s the national dish of the Welsh. In Wales it’s all ...

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Pearl Handled Revolver

If The Devil Cast His Net by Pearl Handled Revolver – Album Review

The proposition is that Pearl Handled Revolver play their dirty blues and wistful rock ‘n’ psychedelia in a “Doors-Style” manner complete with Hammond organ. Formed by Simon Rinaldo (organ and bass) with Lee Vernon (lead vocals and harmonica) in 2006 – the Bedford (UK) based band also includes Andy Paris on guitar and Chris Thatcher on drums. They are about ...

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new saxon

Interview with Biff Byford of Saxon about forthcoming release — Eagles and Dragons

A new Saxon package “Eagles and Dragons” is out soon. The set features nine albums which before today, were only released on vinyl in some regions (including Germany, Italy and the UK) and even then, only in very limited quantities. The new luxury 180 gram vinyl versions in the collection, including inner sleeves with all the lyrics, are a must-have ...

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