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pink cigar

Interview with Pink Cigar

If you yearn for the days when rock ‘n’ roll had a little bit of a kick to it, you need to listen to Pink Cigar. With their swinging, growling riffs, and lyrics that drip with Soho sleaze, this 4-piece has just about everything that a rocker could need. Don’t get it wrong though: they’re no mere throwback. They’re live ...

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sex pistols

Interview with Glen Matlock (Sex Pistols), Slim Jim Phantom (Bowie) and Earl Slickhave (Stray Cats)

Photo by: Debra Raffles Trizzini As I was sitting down trying to think of an introduction, a friend of mine sat down next to me and said something that struck me. “It’s just hitting me who we’ve got here tonight. It’s surreal to see these kind of people walking around here”. Surreal indeed. Hertford is an idyllic place, but it doesn’t exactly ...

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Sex Pistols

Glen Matlock of Sex Pistols – UK Tour

3 Punk legends, including Glen Matlock of Sex Pistols fame, are embarking on a tour of the UK that begins in Hertfordshire on the 8th of August. ‘Supergroups’ come and go. Some succeed, and some fail. But this latest collaboration between Glen Matlock, Slim Jim Phantom and Earl Slick offers a pedigree that is rarely seen. Between them, the band ...

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Interview with Polar

If you’ve been to a hardcore gig in the UK, chances are you’ve heard of Polar. Hell, you’ve probably seen them live at some point. The band seems to be omnipresent on the scene, touring so relentlessly it is not difficult to question their sanity. Their endurance has to be applauded, with the band smashing out high energy performances night ...

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iron maiden

Iron Maiden frontman Bruce Dickenson’s comments on Punk

A while back, Iron Maiden frontman commented to The Guardian that the closest the “art establishment” came to embracing metal was in punk, because punk was “rubbish, and the reason they embraced rubbish was because they could control it”. He then went on to infer that punk bands couldn’t play their instruments and that punks secretly wanted to be in ...

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Nekrogoblikon ‘Power’

If you have heard of Nekrogoblikon, chances are it is because of the absolutely fantastic video for ‘No One Survives’, which went viral upon its release last year. Its virality was completely deserved; slick, sleek and funny, the video chronicles the tale of a down on his luck goblin who snaps under the pressure of urban living. Consequentially, interest in ...

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venomous maximus

Interview with Venomous Maximus

Venomous Maximus seem like they should be downright terrifying people. Hailing from Texas, and playing Sabbath inspired riffing, coupled with singer Gregg Higgins ghoulish vocals, one can imagine that VM spend all their time in the swamps, chanting incantations and sacrificing small animals to Satan. This is made even scarier by the fact that Higgins has quite an imposing presence. ...

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walter lure

Walter Lure reveals UK tour and classic album reissue

Walter Lure is kicking off his UK tour on the 8th of August at the Rebellion Festival in Blackpool. The New York punk, who is perhaps most famous for his role as the original guitarist and co-vocalist alongside Johnny Thunders in The Heartbreakers, will be playing 3 UK shows in the coming month. Walter Lure will be playing the following ...

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falling off maps

Falling Off Maps announce debut single

It’s been a long time coming, but Nottingham’s Falling Off Maps are finally releasing their debut single, Honest. The song, which combines haunting Radiohead-esque guitars with electronic influences, is seeing its release on August 12th, through Square Peg Round Hole Records. This will be accompanied by a video, which has also been directed by band members Dan Prewett and David ...

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steak number eight

Steak Number Eight – The Hutch

If you were lucky enough to catch Feed The Rhino on their fantastically billed headline tour this year, then you will be familiar with Steak Number Eight. Playing alongside the aforementioned headliners, and insanely talented youngsters Marmozets, Steak brought their intriguing mix of Sabbath inspired stoner rock and mathy riffing to confused audiences across the UK. Whilst the other bands ...

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