altered sky

Interview with Altered Sky

You may have heard of up and coming pop-rockers Altered Sky, especially since their cover of Taylor Swift’s ‘Blank Space’  was posted on YouTube, but you may not know they are about to embark on a completely unique tour : A Scotland only tour. We caught up with guitarist Rich Passe and drummer/ BG vocalist Amy Blair about the tour ...

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Review: Lynyrd Skynyrd – Vinyl Box Set 1973-1977

What can you say about an iconic band like Lynryd Skynyrd that hasn’t been said before? A band who are the essence  of Southern Rock, and arguably the Classic Rock Genre. Skynyrd’s story is one that will forever be passed down in rock legend- and have decided to captured their glory days in this box set. Famously the Jacksonville icons ...

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Motley Crue

Mötley Crüe – All Bad Things Must Come To An End

Everything bad is good for you… “The world’s most notorious rock band” reads Mötley Crüe‘s autobiography, and rightly so. Notorious in the best possible way. A band whose outrageous antics during the 80’s might as well have given birth to the saying “Sex, Drugs, Rock and Roll”. Mötley Crüe are one of the best selling artist of all time, selling 80 million albums ...

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Live Review: Slipknot & KoRn ‘Prepare For Hell’ Tour,Arena, Newcastle

“In many ways Newcastle is like Des Moines,” announces Slipknot frontman Cory Taylor to the crowd “because Newcastle is home of some of the craziest human beings we’ve ever met.”…. We’ll take that as a compliment Corey! We know from various interviews that Corey Taylor is fully behind the live music scene in the UK, even Tweeting about a possible ...

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Review: Papa Roach – F.E.A.R.

FEAR the emotion induced by threats which cause a change in brain and organ function and ultimately a change in the way we behave – and now F.E.A.R’ is the new album from Papa Roach! Which also goes by another name ‘Face Everything and Rise’, the tittle track of this album. Yes people they are back! After the continued success of 2012′s ‘The Connection’ the ...

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takedown festival

Preview: Takedown Festival 2015

The story of Takedown Festival is a truly inspiring one. Once a small annual gig in Salisbury that has now become a staplepoint in the calender of alternative music in the south. Adding what is sure to be another glourious chapter to this story, the festival returns to its newer home in the halls of Southampton University for the 4th ...

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Live Review: Michael Schenker’s Temple of Rock, Robin 2 Bilston

A sell-out show audience greeted me as I walked into the Robin 2 for the Temple of Rock ‘Bridge the Gap’ show; Michael Schenker is making a habit of it here in Bilston. This was part of the ‘Bridge the Gap’ tour to promote the release of the album of the same name late in December 2013. Despite the tour ...

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Review: AC/DC – Rock or Bust

The sun comes up, Justin Bieber’s a twat and AC/DC play Rock and Roll. These are just facts and for most of them we are glad. Yet, not all has been well in the AC/DC camp during the making of their latest album, ‘Rock or Bust’.  Sadly, the man whose riffs launched a thousand guitarists, Malcolm Young, has been struck ...

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Live Review: Queen + Adam Lambert, Arena, Newcastle

If there is one band in the history of popular music who have brilliant legacy for playing live – it has to be Queen. Live at the Rainbow in 1974, Montreal in 1981, Live Aid in 1985,  and more recently live at Big Ben on New Year’s Eve 2014. The news that Queen were to tour again with the help ...

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santa cruz

Santa Cruz To Release Brand New Self-titled Album

Santa Cruz rightly so describe themselves as “Pure F*cking Adrenaline”. The band are set to release a new self-tittled album this March, which in November 2014 they told us is “Amazing”, Archie (Vocalist) also told us “The new album is going to be so much more modern” as we talk through Santa Cruz’s favourite bands. We are nicely surprised to find that ...

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