Track-By-Track: Hornet – Skies Are Falling

Hornet are a Heavy Metal band from London. Last year they released their debut album ‘Skies Are Falling’ which received national reviews and airplay. Hornet is made up of Joe Thompson (Vocals), Tollef Rikje-Pearson (Guitar), Max Thompson (Bass), and Alex Burt (Drums). In this article they guide us through ‘Skies Are Falling’ and tell us how a bit about how ...

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hit teh deck

Review: Hit The Deck Festival 2014

Hit The Deck Festival takes place yearly, playing a day each in Bristol and Nottingham. RAMzine were at the Nottingham leg of the festival, and here are our selected highlights… Hit The Deck always proves to have an interesting and diverse line-up, with a mixture of big name bands and up-and-comers, 2014’s festival proved no different. First off the bat, ...

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foreigner copy

Foreigner, Europe & FM Live at Wolverhampton Civic Hall, Tuesday 15th April

Review by Paul H Birch, Photos by Lisa Billingham Tonight there’s a good vibe in Wolverhampton and inside its Civic Theatre FM kick off promptly, giving us the one-two punch of Tough Love and I Belong To the Night as Steve Overland’s voice echoes outside to be heard by those yet to be let in. Don’t Stop rocks out with ...

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hit the deck preview

Festival Preview: Hit The Deck 2014

This Easter weekend scores of rock fans will be pouring out onto the streets of Bristol (Saturday 19th) and Nottingham (Sunday 20th). But this is no Easter egg hunt – instead, these hungry music lovers will be in search of riffs, sing-alongs and the odd beer (or five). With a lineup covering a diverse range of genres, Hit The Deck ...

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hrh prog

HRH Prog Festival Review 2014

“New Prog for Old Ears and Old Prog for New Ears. ” That is the mantra for this year’s HRH PROG held at Hafn Y Mor, North Wales 20-22 March 2014. On Saturday I met a short grey man called Mark. He was wearing a blue woollen top, a pair of smart M&S jeans and fresh yachting shoes, he looked ...

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Hammerfest 2014 Review

Hammerfest now a long established festival. Which this year took place in Pwhelli, Wales. We have heard rumours of the location changing, but nothing has yet been confirmed. The festival takes place at a Haven holiday site – so festival goers get to enjoy comfortable beds to sleep in, warm showers, and a kitchen. This is a whole new world ...

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hammerfest vi

Hammerfest coverage coming soon….

What a weekend! Hammerfest Rocked! Check back this Afternoon for our Hammerfest Review and Photos! Backstage interviews coming all this week! www.facebook.com/RockAndMetalZine

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hammerfest vi

Hammerfest VI ‘Book of The Dead’ Preview

Hammerfest is a festival that sells out year-on-year. It’s held at the home of Hard Rock Hell – Hafan y Mor Holiday Park, Pwllheli, Wales. This isn’t your standard Rock Festival for at this festival you don’t stay in a tent, but in a warm caravan or chalet with showers, kitchens, and very comfortable beds. This adds to comfort of ...

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the quireboys1

Interview with The Quireboys

The English band the Quireboys are probably the hardest working – yet most unpretentious – hard rock exponents to come out of the United Kingdom in years. They are also, probably, the most underrated band in rock history. Their blotched story dates back to 1984 when they were once described as “Britain’s answer to Poison” – and very great things ...

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Hard rock hell

Hard Rock Hell VII ‘Cirque Du Rock’ Review

Hard Rock Hell (HRH) VII now in its seventh year is a festival filled with classic rock and metal bands. Each year the festival is themed differently, this year being ‘Cirque Du Rock’. We arrived on the Thursday night and were welcomed by the crazy antics of Area 51. They provided a stage show called ‘Caravan of Lost Souls’ that ...

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