RAMzine Introduces… Beneath the Wake

Deathcore is, of course, not to everybody’s taste. Certainly, images of early Bring Me the Horizon have been known to induce seizures to some of the metal community, but in my eyes there are some modern bands such as Upon a Burning Body, Chelsea Grin and Whitechapel (who don’t actually consider themselves to be ‘deathcore’ but I’m including them anyway) have ...

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Radio Alcatraz

RAMzine Introduces… Radio Alcatraz

Radio Alcatraz are a band that were formed around what is essentially the best goal a band can have: to make music that’s honest and credible and to have a live show to match. And boy have they done it! Producing a sound that stems from a variety of influences including Breach, At The Drive In, Refused, Hell Is For ...

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RAMzine Introduces… FLiCKER

If you’re missing a bit of punk-rock energy in your life, Brit trio FLiCKER are here to save you! Setting the music scene alight in their home city of Norwich and beyond, their punchy guitars and infectious melodies are old school punk with a modern twist. The band demonstrate a clear love for, and strong understanding of, the genre; but ...

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RAMzine Introduces…. The Ωmega Particle

The Ωmega Particle are a band hailing from Manchester, UK with a bit of a spark about them, to say the least. This talented bunch formed in July of 2011, impressing many with their debut EP Cremation of Worlds and they’re back with a vocalist change, and new material. Notorious for their whirlwind live presence, the lads bring a blend of metalcore to ...

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Itroducing Villians

RAMzine Introduces…… Villains!

When I first saw the dreaded facebook status that read Never Means Maybe was to be no more, I was truly upset by the news.  But then I thought about it and whilst Never Means Maybe had some great songs ‘Deus Ex Machina’ & most recently ‘The Tide’, there wasn’t a clear path for progression. Sometimes isn’t it just best ...

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Itroducing The Charm Fury

RAMzine Introduces The Charm The Fury

Hailing from the mean (well…) streets of Amsterdam, The Charm The Fury are one of the most exciting new acts in modern metalcore. The Europeans have been showing us how to do metal in the most impressive way for the best part of thirty years, and clearly the Dutch are taking after their Scandinavian cousins, having thrown out this crew of five incredibly ...

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Introducing SEASONS

RAMzine Introduces S.E.A.S.O.N.S

You’d be a fool to pass Reading 5 piece S.E.A.S.O.N.S off as just another band. Rather it is a collection of ideals and concepts that intend to show that music need not be confined to the boundaries expected by simply labelling them as ‘just another rock/metal band’. They intend to show that a single 5 minute track can be used ...

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