Slipknot’s Day Of The Gusano

Review: Slipknot’s Day Of The Gusano – Live In Mexico

Circus of the insane; congregation of the maggots; this could only be Slipknot. On 5th December 2015, after 16 long years since their debut self-title dropped, the nine finally reached Mexico City as they historically play Knotfest the only way they know how: by tearing the country’s capitol a new fucking ‘Knot hole.

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Described by ‘Firebrand Roxx’ magazine as being one of the best ‘live’ bands on the circuit and who should be on more major festival circuits, The Room provided further evidence of this opinion with a coruscating gig at the Robin 2, Bilston. In 2016, The Room were nominated in the ‘best new band’ category at the Classic Rock Society awards and ...

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“Mötley Crüe: The End”, the very last experience you cannot miss.

Tonight, on the 3rd of October, a small group of us press representatives have gathered at the Soho Screening Rooms to relive the last night of the Mötley Crüe ‘Final Tour’, that unforgettable final concert at Staples Center in their hometown of Los Angeles, on New Year’s Eve in 2015, just a few miles from the Sunset Strip where the band’s infamous ...

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DVD Review: Michael Schenker’s Temple Of Rock – On A Mission: Live In Madrid

German guitar maestro Michael Schenker sat beside me in January 2016 with a handwritten set of New Year’s resolutions that went something along the lines of: (1) Ensure Temple of Rock UK Tour is so good we leave them begging for more, (2) Release live DVD recorded in Spain so the rest of the world can see it and beg ...

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DVD Review: Thunder – All You Can Eat

This album set is released as a full buffet for both new and existing Thunder fans. For those new to the Thunder fanset these disks tell them exactly what the band is all about while those who are already fans get to hear some familiar sounds and visions. The three disks are put out as ‘Starter’, ‘Main Course’ and ‘Dessert’ ...

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Devin Townsend Presents- Ziltoid Live At the Royal Albert Hall

DVD Review – Devin Townsend Presents: Ziltoid Live At the Royal Albert Hall

The number of heavy metal musicians who could play the Royal Albert Hall is small. The number who could play it and have a person dressed as a giant farting scrotum run around the stage while they do, well, that’s a Venn diagram of one. One Mr Devin Townsend. Playing his concept album Z2 in its entirety, Devin brings his ...

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Joe Bonamassa small

Joe Bonamassa – Live at Radio City Music Hall DVD + CD

Radio City Music Hall is one of those iconic buildings that populate New York. A venue that showbiz royalty perform, you know the likes of Frank Sinatra and Barry Manilow. It’s a big thing, especially if you hail from the city. Joe Bonamassa played two sold out nights there this January, the icing on the cake to a year and ...

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dragon force dvd

DVD Review: Dragonforce – In the Line of Fire

Whilst in full force of their Maximum Overload Tour that started in 2014 and aims to finish in 2016 – yes, you read that right – Dragonforce played at Saitama Super Arena, Tokyo. During this show, they had multiple cameras capturing the raw energy and dexterity that this band is in no short supply of and are quite rightly celebrated for world-wide. The sold-out arena houses 36,500 crazy, pumped-up ...

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scott ian

Review: Scott Ian – Swearing Words in Glasgow

“I thought this day would never come! My talking show is finally out for all to see! I guarantee that this show will make you laugh. Guarantee! Who does that? Also, here’s a new drinking game; invite your friends and have a sip every time I swear. No driving after! Have fun!” – Scott Ian Scott Ian the guitarist, lyricist, backing ...

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akins may project

Review: Atkins May Project – Empire of Destruction (CD & DVD)

Put the thought inside your mind of a grim-faced army, be they a time-forgotten Teutonic race or the latest despots roaming the Middle East, then imagine them marching through time, picking up the pace and charging, even as missiles begin to scream out overhead steering us towards a near-future apocalyptic war. That’s the theme for ‘World at War’ and indeed ...

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