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Live Review: Sebastian Bach @ Hard Rock Hell

Sebastian Bach – Stage 1 – Friday When Team RAM heard that Skid Row legend Sebastian Bach was headlining this years’ Hard Rock Hell festival, we simply couldn’t pass the chance to go watch him. However, we were gravely disappointed with his set which was so highly anticipated. The set started late due to technical difficulties, which amounts to a ...

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Live Review: Jeff Loomis @ Sub 89, Reading

So lets start with Monuments. Instrumentally they are heavier than a sledgehammer of dark matter to the cranium but with that comes a perfectly melodic accompaniment.  What lets the London quintet down is vocalist Matt Rose’s seemingly crisis of faith.  Does he want to sing cleanly, with a gruff edge, scream or rap?  Is it still 2000 and people are ...

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Live Review: Every Time I Die @ Corporation, Sheffield

Off the back of their latest Monumental Rager Ex-Lives, Every Time I Die returned to the UK to prove why they are one of the biggest live acts in hardcore. Then again, if you’ve ever been lucky enough to witness their beer-fueled, southern rock inspired brand of mayhem before, you will know they have nothing to prove really. They never ...

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Live Review: Sylosis @ Sub89, Reading

So before I get into Sylosis’s homecoming performance in support of their new album Monolith, I feel I need to talk about Chimp Spanner.  By their own description they are “Retro Futuristic Djazz Metal”, which just screams of desperation to be different mixed with pseudo intellectual wordplay… also known as how I write most of my articles and blogs.  Part ...

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Hard Rock Hell Pre-Review 2012

Here at RAMzine we love our classic rock. And what better way to celebrate the fine art of rock than with a trip to the UKs best hard rock festival, Hard Rock Hell. With a phenominal line up this year with the King of power screaming Sebastian Bach on the top of the bill along with glam rock god Ace ...

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Dying featus

Dying Fetus @ O2 Academy3, Birmingham

Dying Fetus. The mere mention of their name is enough to put most people off. However to those who can see the beauty in death metal they are the top dogs, exceeded only by perhaps their New York brothers Cannibal Corpse. As if the simple aspect of their presence wasn’t enough, following them on their European tour are an entourage ...

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Iwrestledabearonce + Oceano + Vanna + For All Those Sleeping – O2 Academy2, Birmingham

It’s the first night of Alabama’s own quirky metalcore crew Iwrestledabearonce’s UK tour in support of their new album Ruining it for Everybody. For those who are fans of some bands on the line up will understand this is quite a momentous occasion. It see’s Iwrestledabearonce’s first UK appearance since their regular front woman, Krysta Cameron, became pregnant (congratulations from ...

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OPM @ The Independent, Sunderland

Simply looking at tonight’s drink offers is an indicator of why tonight’s show has sold so well. Most popular order of the night:’ Heaven Is A Half-Pint’  a bright green ‘skittles’ drink served in a half pint glass.  For those who don’t know: OPM had a hit in 2001 with a song called Heaven Is A Halfpipe, a top 5 ...

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Monument @ The Intrepid Fox, London

There are some incredibly idiotic individuals who claim that the great age of British heavy metal has died a horrible, quiet death. RAMzine would like to officially announce that those people can go f**k themselves. Opening to a thunderous wall of noise (kudos to the sound guy, top floor of a pub is a hard sound to get right) singer ...

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gary numan

Gary Numan @ Sub 89, Reading

Seeing Gary Numan in a venue this small really is a barrage on the senses.  The lighting rig used tonight is the same one used in venues three times the size and while impressive when you are stood at the front, its somewhat intimidating at the same time. Moving further back and you see the full picture.  Or rather don’t.  ...

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