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Golden Tanks ‘R.D.H.B’

You can download Goldne tanks 5 track E.P  ‘R.D.H.B’ for FREE at

Reading based band Golden Tanks released a new E.P entitled R.D.H.B. The band are looking for a lead guitarist at the moment and writing their full length album whilst not touring. Plug in, switch on and prepare to be annihilated! Here is our track-by-track review!Golden Tanks Interview


This track creates a strong vent of anger amid its powerfully tempestuous Grooves.  Raw and abrasive as you would expect any punk/hard core band to be and they don’t disappoint on that scale, although at only 1 minute and 52 seconds could be longer as it barely starts to whet the appetite before finishing.

Ten Days

Nicely chews on the aural and presents a superb demanding stance of menace of rapid fire succession drum beats with toxic throat ripping vocal.  The track goes on to further taunt and spits out a venomous rage of superb caustic punk/hard core to within the very inch of their lives.

Burnt Bridges

Framed inside an invigorating, passionate energy that will have you either running for the hills or cowering in a dark corner somewhere. Bristling with melodic tendencies that scintillate and employs more than just a ravenous hard core as its genre suggests, it also unleashes a threatening violence of toxic shock straight to the aural cavities and at 3 minutes 21 seconds the longest track on the E.P good news for Golden Tanks fans – they indeed have not burnt bridges but built them on a solid foundation of sheer energy.


The title track of the E.P ignites an unbridled passion as it is no nonsense in your face bruising, simply ploughing uncompromisingly into an overall and overwhelming savagery. Rhythmically enticing it offers invigorating sound and reflects solid and feisty passions of emotion that will really have you fired up.


Is a superbly absorbing track that will suck you into its deep melodic husks of untamed rhythms, as the onslaught unfolds, slowing briefly, but doesn’t lose its focus. Inescapably drenched with devilish malevolence and will no doubt be a favourite with their fans and let’s say I am fast getting into this exceptional treat.

This EP sn’t anything that hasn’t been done before but let’s be honest the way the band have carried it off works so well.  The throaty vocals screaming with vengeance adds flavour and dimension to the tracks while their drummer does an impressive job beating the crap out of the skins like a madman possessed, really giving the tracks a startling quality. Fiery melodic persuasions reflect their ability, coupled with invigorating rhythms that highlight their music to a very high degree. It is clear from listening to this, that the band have put a lot of thought into creating this incredible monster! It’s one superb listen from start to finish. Enjoyable is just one word for it, there are more besides, but just take a listen!!


Pagan Hel
Pagan Hel
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