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Her Chariot Awaits

Mob Guitarist + Sirenia Vocalist Mount-Up for a Virtuosic Partnership — Her Chariot Awaits

The melodic metal project Her Chariot Awaits brings the respected Spanish vocalist Ailyn (Ailyn Giménez, former member of Norwegian goth-metal group Sirenia) together with the impressive American guitarist and producer Mike Orlando (Adrenaline Mob) to provide the explorative centrum to develop a conjugation of ideas and talent (with a bedrock of reliability from studio drummer Jeff Thal and bassist Brian ...

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Asking Alexandria

Is the House of Alexandria Still Burning? Just Asking

The North Yorkshire electronicore/metalcore act Asking Alexandria long ago ventured their own route through minefields of rebuke, to emerge spectacularly victorious as a purgative dephlegmation of all that’s holy & unholy in the realm of post-hardcore rock. By collectivizing all the spirituous danger and excesses of post hardcore, AA developed an entrepreneurial hybrid of stadium rock that cleverly synthesized the ...

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Louise Patricia Crane

Louise Patricia Crane Brings Her Haunting Witch-Queen Voice to Deep Blue

Vocalist and songwriter Louise Patricia Crane has recently been cooperating with Stephen Carey’s collaborative music project The Eden House, specifically on their 2017 album “Songs for the Broken Ones” where she discovered she shared many of Carey’s passions for dark aesthetics and proggy / dreamy soundscapes. So, with Eden House drummer Simon Rippin and bassist Steve Gibbons on board (with ...

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Dark narratives from Hexvessel on new album, Kindred

Hexvessel is Finnish folk-rock / psychedelic rock band, founded by British black metal singer, guitarist, songwriter and producer Mat McNerney (aka Kvohst) almost ten years ago. Although McNerney was born in Wimbledon, in South London, he has lived in many “dark” places such as Norway, Lapland, and now Tampere, in Finland. Hexvessel tend to featherstitch precious words together, and then ...

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Lykantropi have reissued their fascinating sophomore album Spirituosa

The superb metamorphical and über-symbolistical 1970s-style Swedish rock band Lykantropi have reissued their fascinating sophomore album, titled Spirituosa via Despotz Their song-story kicks off with a cacodemonic exaltation on ‘Wild Flowers’ with its correlated guitars, expressive vocals, and delightful arrangements. This seems to be superimposed onto rainy, almost crisp, darkness and is a track that wouldn’t have been out of place on ...

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My Dying Bride - Your Broken Shore

My Dying Bride — Ghost of Orion — The Interview

Over almost 30 years, West Yorkshire’s MY DYING BRIDE, formed in the ebbing summer of 1990 by vocalist Aaron Stainthorpe, with guitarist Andrew Craighan and the original drummer Rick Miah, have become England’s most doleful export and a worldwide phenomenon… the viziers of doom-death! But since Feel the Misery [2015] and a group of live shows that had to be canceled ...

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Lykantropi — Black Old Stone, Re-Release

The Swedish, vintage-sounding band LYKANTROPI from Värmland in the Scandinavian Mountains, create cinematic, multi-layered pop songs that come with evocative flutes, beautiful harmonies and psychedelic guitars that tend to lead the listener into spacey, yet melancholic, dimensions. Their most recent album Spirituosa was released in May 2019. But now their label is re-releasing the 2017 Black Old Stone album (via Despotz ...

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CRYSTAL VIPER photo credit: Tim_Tronckoe

CRYSTAL VIPER Tell of Ice and Fire

CRYSTAL VIPER is a female fronted heavy metal act from Katowice, Poland, founded by the Moon Chamber singer/guitarist and songwriter, MARTA GABRIEL. Their regular touring and festival appearances have established their position as one of the most resolute bands of a generation. While the band is normally tagged “new wave of traditional heavy metal” their new album, entitled “Tales Of ...

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Marisa And The Moths

Marisa and the Moths Bring Filthy Pretty Grunge

The Reading UK based, female-fronted, alt-rock, grunge outfit Marisa And The Moths with songwriter Marisa Rodriguez on lead vocals and guitar, released their electrifying debut single and music video “Skin” on Friday 13th September 2019 taken from the forthcoming self-titled album. The single had that kind of teetering boom that is more of a wobblebonk than anything. Then we got ...

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Tattoo Convention 28SEP 2019

Fifteenth Annual International Tattoo Convention — London, Tobacco Dock

For some, the world of ink must evoke an image of needles and screams… Perhaps that is why the art-form has its detractors. But the reality could not be further from the truth, as RAMzine discovered, when we visited the London Tattoo Convention last weekend. The ink world is really a universe that revolves around respect, exchange, participation, diversity and ...

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