Pantera ‘Vulgar Display of Power’

‘Vulgar Display of Power’ was the reanimation the metal scene needed. Sure that string of Metallica albums are now considered seminal and still are. But the relentless chugging of the tracks became a little vanilla. Pantera introduced a groove and pace change much needed in genre that was becoming increasingly flacid. With the invasion of grunge rock, it seemed metal ...

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Ozzy Osbourne – Blizzard of Ozz

You may know him nowadays as a reality TV star, or one of the more famous celebrity dads. However Ozzy Osbourne is also one of the greatest heavy metal front men of all time. With his unique mournful wail propelling Black Sabbath to unparalleled success, he decided to step out on his own in 1980. The result: Blizzard of Ozz. ...

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RAM Raise money For Ryan Edwards


RAMzine are pleased to announce that the collecting for our Ryan’s Appeal is still going strong. We have just been kindly donated a Marshall MG15FX Micro Stack from the kind people of Marshall Amps. We are so pleased with the amount of support and generosity we have received from the music industry so far and could not be more grateful ...

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rolling stones classic

The Rolling Stones – Sticky Fingers

After writing last week’s RAMZine Classic article on Black Sabbath, it only seemed natural to follow the band who influenced all of metal to the band who influenced them. I am of course talking about The Rolling Stones, one of the most commercially successful and indeed one of the best rock and roll bands of all time. With a sound ...

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Modern Classics: Architects ‘Hollow Crown’

Hollow Crown was a genre defining, attention grabbing, technically perfect album released by the Brighton metal outfit Architects. Before Hollow Crown, Architects had produced some quality metal, but highlights of Hollow Crown such as Sam Carter‘s clean vocal appearances, and haunting, eerie melodies sprinkled on tracks like a glittery topping on a grenade were nowhere to be seen on releases ...

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Itroducing Villians

RAMzine Introduces…… Villains!

When I first saw the dreaded facebook status that read Never Means Maybe was to be no more, I was truly upset by the news.  But then I thought about it and whilst Never Means Maybe had some great songs ‘Deus Ex Machina’ & most recently ‘The Tide’, there wasn’t a clear path for progression. Sometimes isn’t it just best ...

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black sab

Black Sabbath – Black Sabbath

This is the album that started it all, by the band that started it all. Black Sabbath were the first heavy metal band. That is a historical fact. The way they went about creating their music, utilising the diminished 5th chord, also known as the tri-tone, to create powerful evil music. Their dark lyrics further fuelled this completely original sound ...

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Modern Classsic

RAMzine Modern Classics #5 – Atreyu ‘Congregation of the Damned’

This review can also serve as a very belated eulogy for Atreyu, as I don’t feel like I’ve ever given them a proper one. When I heard the news that Atreyu had called it a day, I was absolutely devastated, especially as I’d only ever seen them live once, supporting Bullet For My Valentine at  Wembley Arena. Nonetheless, with Congregation ...

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Itroducing The Charm Fury

RAMzine Introduces The Charm The Fury

Hailing from the mean (well…) streets of Amsterdam, The Charm The Fury are one of the most exciting new acts in modern metalcore. The Europeans have been showing us how to do metal in the most impressive way for the best part of thirty years, and clearly the Dutch are taking after their Scandinavian cousins, having thrown out this crew of five incredibly ...

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Nirvana – Nevermind

Nirvana defined a generation. There’s just no escaping that fact. Millions of teenagers in American during the early 90s needed music that they could identify with. Up stepped legendary frontman/guitarist Kurt Cobain, criminally underrate bassist Krist Novoselic, and amazing drummer and all-round good guy Dave Grohl with Nirvana’s seminal masterpiece “Nevermind”. The album kicks off with the song which defined ...

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