prey for paris

Shock as HRH learns of the attacks in Paris

In the early hours of Saturday November 14th, many of us left the Hard Rock Hell arenas after watching the last bands and were greeted with the buzzing and beeping of social media notifications informing us of the Paris attacks. The atmosphere was chilling, as everyone around me was staring in shock at their phones and finding their friends to ...

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alt playlist

The RAMzine Alternative Christmas Playlist

Sick of Slade? Wound up by Wizzard? Find Mariah mundane? If you’re looking for a an alternative to the usual Christmas cheesefests, the RAMZine team have picked out their favourite rock and metal Christmas tunes to guarantee a real rock and roll Christmas… Skindred – Jungle Bells “This is my favourite, Skindred before they were very well known. It’s a ...

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RAMzine’s Top Ten Rock ‘n’ Roll Rumours

Everyone loves a good yarn, a good tall-tale, hey! Sometimes the myth is actually better than reality. Rock music is no different; it is choc-full of legends that people down the boozer love to regale you with but which ones are actually really true? Well people, here’s your chance to trump your friends with your awesome knowledge of all things ...

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Top 10 moments of Sonisphere 2014

10. Progress Wrestling “This is Progress” This Sonisphere weekend RAMzine discovered the world of wrestling, bought to us by Progress Wrestling. Progress brands themselves “Punk Rock Pro Wrestling”. I can guarantee fun at their shows! Rock music + Pro Wrestlers + major crowd participation = one hell of a show, better than some set we saw this weekend! It was ...

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iron maiden

Iron Maiden frontman Bruce Dickenson’s comments on Punk

A while back, Iron Maiden frontman commented to The Guardian that the closest the “art establishment” came to embracing metal was in punk, because punk was “rubbish, and the reason they embraced rubbish was because they could control it”. He then went on to infer that punk bands couldn’t play their instruments and that punks secretly wanted to be in ...

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Top 10 Moments from Download Festival 2014

Download always marks the start of summer, it is a weekend where you can forget normal life, and live in this immense world of Rock and Metal – where anything goes. You can wake up and dress as a bunny, guys can were a wedding dress. Whatever you want to do, nobody will judge you, because we are all on ...

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Top 10 Moments From Hammerfest 2014

We had such a fantastic time at Hammerfest this year, so we thought we would share with you our favourite moments. Some of these moments we all witnessed, and others were more behind the scenes. We would love to hear your top moments too! – Please use the comment box at the bottom of the page. 10. Chris James Ryan ...

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Interview with Breed 77 at Hammerfest

We caught up with Breed 77 at Hammerfest 2014. Breed 77 are one of those bands that we all know. I remember them alongside the era of Soil, Drowning Pool, and Disturbed. Their music is still a big part of local rock clubs (in my case The Agingcourt in Camberly). They still get played, and we still rock out to them. ...

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rock and metal in 2014

RAMzines Top Tips for 2014

Its always hard to start talking about all bands within the wide genres that are Rock and Metal – but we wanted to share some of our thoughts on who we want to be big, or suspect will defiantly be big in 2014. There are so many new exciting albums coming our this year – Mastodon, Against Me, The used, ...

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rock and metal 2013

Top Rock and Metal Albums of 2013

What a year for Rock and Metal! We started 2013 with the highly anticipated album from Muse ‘The 2nd Law’, the album went straight to number one in the UK Rock Album Charts. We then saw new band Mallory Knox take Black Veil Brides and Foo Fighters from the number One spot with their album ‘Signals’. We had new albums from such ...

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