Introducing SEASONS

RAMzine Introduces S.E.A.S.O.N.S

You’d be a fool to pass Reading 5 piece S.E.A.S.O.N.S off as just another band. Rather it is a collection of ideals and concepts that intend to show that music need not be confined to the boundaries expected by simply labelling them as ‘just another rock/metal band’. They intend to show that a single 5 minute track can be used ...

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Slayer – Reign In Blood

There are two types of metal music fans in the world. People who like Slayer, and actual Slayer fans. The single fact that Slayer are so respected right across the metal board by fellow musicians, fans and journalists alike is testament to their honest brutal music. For many people, the band became known to the masses thanks to their 1986 ...

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Modern Classsic

RAMzine Modern Classics #1 Memphis May Fire – The Hollow

What is the difference between a “classic” and a “modern classic”? For a start, a modern classic is not old; it’s not by Iron Maiden; and Topshop haven’t printed the cover on a t-shirt. A modern classic is just as good as a classic but hasn’t quite received the same level of appraisal or recognition. And Memphis May Fire’s The ...

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KISS ‘Monster’ Album Review

Everyone knows KISS in some way shape or form. Usually it’s for the music, for the image or for the merchandise. They’re not a band anymore, they’re an international business brand. Fortunately, the glam rock band founded by Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley in January 1973, still place a very high value on producing quality music. This brand new album ...

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Guns N Roses – Appetite For Destruction

There are very few albums which can transcend genres, define generations and still remain true to its original values to this day. Keeping this integrity is highly valued within the music industry and this week’s classic album, Appetite for Destruction by the legendary Guns N Roses is an album which certainly fulfils this criteria. Released in the summer of 1987, ...

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Hard Rock Hell Pre-Review 2012

Here at RAMzine we love our classic rock. And what better way to celebrate the fine art of rock than with a trip to the UKs best hard rock festival, Hard Rock Hell. With a phenominal line up this year with the King of power screaming Sebastian Bach on the top of the bill along with glam rock god Ace ...

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Saxon – Wheels of Steel

The Saturday afternoon of Download Festival 2013 was full of fantastic bands. However, when this writer walked into the main arena and saw the singer of the band that was playing at the time was doing something utterly brilliant. He was body-surfing across the stage on a piece of wood with wheels on during their final song. This man was ...

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classic jp

Judas Priest – Painkiller

Faster than a bullet. A terrifying scream. These may be the opening lyrics to this album’s ferocious title track, but it also very accurately describes the band involved. With one of the most varied and consistent sounds in metal, Judas Priest have been pioneering heavy metal since the 1970’s. However, with this album, they stormed to new, heavier, faster heights ...

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kids in glass houses


This years’ Butserfest saw the Welsh rockers Kids In Glass Houses headlining the main stage. RAMzine went down to ask them how they were holding up at the festival and what their best school memory was. Aww Aled. https://www.facebook.com/kidsinglasshouses

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RAM Raise money For Ryan Edwards


RAMzine is proud to announce that we have got some more amazing merchandise added to our already sterling collection of goods for Ryan’s Appeal. This week, we were given a signed t-shirt by Kids In Glass Houses, as well as a years’ subscription to the incredible music magazine High Voltage. On top of that, we have a bundle of Atticus ...

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