Aversions Crown – Xenocide

Review: Aversions Crown – Xenocide

From the early days of rock music, Australia has produced some utterly fantastic bands. We all know AC/DC, and on the contemporary end, who...

Review: Decade – Pleasantries

Before listening to Pleasantries, I’d not heard much about Decade, other than they’re an up and coming band, after listening to the album I...
Bad Touch – Truth Be Told

Review: Bad Touch – Truth Be Told

A five piece from Norfolk playing Southern rock? Truth Be Told is Bad Touch’s second full-length player and features a couple of radio remixes by...
Akoma - Revangels

Review: Akoma – Revangels

I’ll be honest here, I had never heard of Akoma before picking up this album. Being a fan of female fronted symphonic metal, I...
Suicide Silence

Review: Suicide Silence – Self-Titled

Let's start by saying that the guitar riffs on this opening track weave an intense twisting array of mental madness, along with the savagery...
Rebel Souls -The Forces of Darkness

Review: Rebel Souls -The Forces of Darkness

As Rebel Souls shrouds over us once more in the genre of death be prepared for thunderous backlashes of impending savagery. Feel the goose bumps?...
Locust Leaves - A Subtler Kind of Light

Review: Locust Leaves – A Subtler Kind of Light

From the reviews I have read about Locust Leaves there seems to be a never-ending stream of "I love I Voidhanger Records", as they...
Ember Falls

Review: Ember Falls – Welcome to Ember Falls

As their splendid title suggests it is a fuel injected stomp of blood-curdling metal that is charged with deep contagion with a great vocal...
1919 - Bloodline

Review: 1919 – Bloodline

A superb start to what I hope will be a superb album as this bristles with coaxing melody and tight sounds. Like Johnny Rotten in...
The Darkhorse – The Carcass of the Sun will Sleep

Review: The Darkhorse – The Carcass of the Sun will Sleep

Back in 2014, I was having a blast at Bloodstock as I always do, a 3-day hangover usually started by a night of serious...