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Crimson Star - Bay View

Review: Crimson Star – Bay View

If there is one description that hits the nail on the head with Crimson Star, it must be the words ‘hard rock’ but also add in ‘melodic’ as ‘The Pragmatist’ begins. Its bludgeoning melodic encounter is not only pumping magic but it blows your mind into a pleasurable void as you listen to the hard hitting bass and seamless shredding ...

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Faces of the Bog - Ego Death

Review: Faces of the Bog – Ego Death

The reason I picked this album was for a few reasons actually first of all their name, Faces in the Bog, conjured up a lot of strange imagery. Secondly the description: “A gruelling, harrowing, disturbing yet fulfilling album” and the title of the band’s 7 track E.P Ego Death. So with all that in mind it was a no-brainer and some things ...

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Eaten - S/T

Review: Eaten – S/T

Typical grindcore that will eat you alive and only lasts a few minutes for you to get your lugholes round at times, but doesn’t everyone like grindcore? Maybe not, it is very eye opening and jaw dropping the first time you experience it but seen live there is no going back – the anger, the hatred is all mixed into ...

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Helpless - Debt

Review: Helpless – Debt

Helpless describe themselves as ‘Metal/Punk/Whatever’. The ‘whatever’ bit  had me thinking, it sounds very experimental meaning ‘anything goes’ and the band have certainly captured a ‘ruptured spleen’ sort of sound but I can’t help feeling attracted towards it – maybe it is because I love something quirky and extreme and they hit the mark on both accounts. For me it ...

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Black Cat Bones - Down to the River

Review: Black Cat Bones – Down to the River

Strange how things happen isn’t it? In two days exactly it will be four years ago to the day that I saw Black Cat Bones for the second time at the Zanzifest, the first time was at Metal goes Mental in July 2013 also at the Zanzibar in Liverpool. Both times the band made their mark and how with their Southern ...

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Der Weg Einer - Freiheit Finnisterre

Review: Der Weg Einer – Freiheit Finnisterre

Oh the awesome German accent comes from the speakers along with a strange doomy sound and then simply explodes into a head decapitating savagery! Living up to its title ‘Departure’ or if you prefer ‘Aufbruch’ – but you can’t go anywhere until you have been completely mauled by the typically insane screech and out of this world musical composition that will ...

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Bad Solution - The War Within

Review: Bad Solution – The War Within

Bad Solution were formed in 2011 by guitarists, Trix and Mariusz. Originally made up of all Polish members, in November 2011 British vocalist Alex Willox took over as the frontman adding a new energy and sound to the band’s music! I think we are all fighting a “War Within”, a war within ourselves, a war that only we know about ...

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Backflip - The Brainstorm Vol. II

Review: Backflip – The Brainstorm Vol. II

Backflip is a hardcore band from Lisbon, Portugal. They play high energetic hardcore songs with sing-a-long choruses, breakdown passages and melodic riffs all based on various influences! One should never judge a book by the cover as if they do they are going to get their eye wiped! This is some serious metal and Inês Oliveira shows off her talent ...

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Atonement Theory - Illumination

Review: Atonement Theory – Illumination

The sound of electronics and industrial mixes have always caught my attention for the sheer thrill of feeling the powerful smack it gives out with each new tune that flows through the sound waves. Atonement Theory also have that earth shattering vocal that always brings a smile to my face as it just goes with industrial metal like hand in glove. ...

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Blood Command

Review: Blood Command – Cult Drugs

I have been asked to review some bands in my time but never before have I ever heard of Death Pop/Hop before and if I wasn’t so opened minded probably would never have pressed the play button. However, this is quite an eye opener, slightly punkish, with added aggression and yet the band are very much in control and produce ...

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