t-rex Classics

T-Rex – Electric Warrior

There’s very few bands that summarise rock and roll more than T-Rex. Led by the wild haired Marc Bolan, the band blazed a trail for many bands to follow throughout their all to short career, which was ended when Bolan died in a car accident in 1977, aged just 29. However, before his untimely demise, the band recorded one of ...

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GUEST BLOGGERS: Marianne Harris’ Best of 2012

Well I think that was pretty decent. 2012 that is. So it rained alot, always a festival organiser’s worst nightmare. Actually, always a festie goers worst nightmare when you’ve got to sleep in a soggy tent, all your underwear is damp and you have to watch your favourite bands under a hail of water. It’s pretty pants for photographers too. Rain in your ...

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While She Sleeps Festure

While She Sleeps Interview

While She Sleeps are a band that have arguably redefined what it is to be a metalcore band in the 21st century. Now, after the release of their debut album This Is the Six, which was amazingly well received by critics across the board, they have a slot as main support to Asking Alexandria on their UK/Europe tour. I sat down with ...

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RAM Raise money For Ryan Edwards


£304.97!   Our auction has now ended and all of us here at RAMzine are thrilled to have raised over £300 for Ryan Edwards. We would like to say a big thank you to all the bands who donated to our cause and especially to everyone who bid on each item, for if it wasn’t for you guys we wouldn’t ...

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pearl jam

Pearl Jam – Ten

Grunge is certainly a branch of the metal family tree that has divided opinion. However, Pearl Jam with their seminal release “Ten” created an album that bore all the hallmarks of metal. There were riffs, big sweeping choruses and more melodies than you could shake a stick at. Frontman Eddie Vedder’s signature vocal style really set this album apart from ...

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hrh TOP 10

RAMzines Top 10 moments from Hard Rock Hell 2012!

For what was such a fantastic festival, condensing Hard Rock Hell into a list Top 10 Moments was no easy task. However, after much deliberation, here’s Team RAM’s Top 10 Moments of Hard Rock Hell 2012. 10: Trucker Diablo “calling out” Axl Rose with their song “Not So Superstar”. It’s no secret that there’s plenty of people in the rock ...

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areosmith classic

Aerosmith – Pump

If there’s a band that has defined rock and roll in its purest form for the past 40 years, then that band is Aerosmith. Their blues driven rock and roll was a sound that defined many a generation, and the songs are still timeless to this day. However, one album in particular really captured that raw, bluesy and versatile signature ...

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Anthrax ‘Spreading the Disease’

Anthrax are just a brilliant band. They’re probably the only member of the Big 4 of Thrash Metal that really don’t get spoken about as much as the other three (Metallica, Slayer and Megadeth). However, musically it can be argued that Anthrax are far superior to these bands across their whole careers. Today, the subject of RAMzine’s 18th Classic is ...

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VIDEO EXCLUSIVE: The Omega Particle – The Book Of You

We’re glad to announce that, following our Introducing feature, we can exclusively bring you the brand new video for The Omega Particle‘s new track The Book of You. One of my personal favourite discoveries of 2012, The band are working on their second release, and we’ll have a review up on the site just as soon as we get our hands ...

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RAMzine Introduces…. The Ωmega Particle

The Ωmega Particle are a band hailing from Manchester, UK with a bit of a spark about them, to say the least. This talented bunch formed in July of 2011, impressing many with their debut EP Cremation of Worlds and they’re back with a vocalist change, and new material. Notorious for their whirlwind live presence, the lads bring a blend of metalcore to ...

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