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Goo Goo Dolls

Goo Goo Dolls unleash new album Miracle Pill

Goo Goo Dolls have a predictable formula when it comes to their music. The softest rock, meaning the lightest taps on the drums, the same few piano chords echoing in the background, pop rock guitar styling, added to the most inoffensive lyrics, with not a curse word in sight…well, sound, and you have one of their records. Their latest albums ...

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Glenn Shorrock Sings Little River Band

The Little River Band were one of Australia’s most popular musical exports. A harmony rock band mainly of what might be considered soft rock these days but they also featured some impressive arrangements. With over 30 million album sales and over 30 members having passed through the band’s line-up. Sadly none of the original line-up hold copyright to in the ...

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The Xcerts

The Xcerts at The Garage, London

With a supporting tour, a headlining tour, and dates in between, The Xcerts have not only kept themselves busy, but everyone else involved, including the fans. Tonight, they’re headlining tour reaches The Garage in London, and it’s obvious that the dedicated fans have gathered. But no fan looks alike. These days, it’s rare to see the older and younger generation ...

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New Ray Wilson Solo Album Due

Stiltskin frontman and ex-Genesis lead singer Ray Wilson has announced the release of his fifth solo studio album Song For A Friend, dedicated to his much missed friend James Lewis who passed away in 2015.  The record will be available on June 3rd and has been described by the singer/songwriter as “a collection of musical short stories”. It will be ...

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Review: Chris Norman – Crossover

The manner in which country rock filtered towards more mainstream musical credibility is an odd one and curiously still remains ill-defined. At its outset under the wings of bands like The FIying Burritos Brothers it never took off. Now, outwardly it appears musical tastes have either changed or more likely the populist approaches of country music and country rock has ...

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Chris Norman’s Crossover

40 years after launching his career with former band Smokie, Chris Norman returns with a brand new solo album: Covering a wide range of influences, genres and styles, Crossover will be released on September 18th through Solo Sound Records (and distributed by Absolute). “The title just seemed appropriate because of the variety of styles of the songs, which cross from ...

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Review: Donnie Vie – The White Album

Former Enuff Z’nuff lead vocalist Donnie Vie takes his infatuation with The Beatles to extremes with The White Album, not least in paying homage with its title. In that it’s a double album there’s also plenty to listen to. Self-indulgent to be sure, but it comes from a good place and feels it was made for vinyl where you need ...

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